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Great read. Somehow I could not connect with the story plot To me, it was to plain, too boring, to everything. *EBOOK ↬ Heart of a Pirate ⇱ A land of ancient magic, a tale of fated hearts Diman has long sought a new life, a better life One separated from the village that shuns him He dreams of big cities, fantastic sights, far flung travels And he dreams of love But his village denies him that, the most basic of rights When Makri, goddess of the sea, visits him in a dream, she offers him a new life Ladir has served the Temple of Glidak his entire life, spreading their message to the farthest edges of Madijak Yet darkness shrouds him and hardens his heart against the Church of Dera, the order who murdered his parents He longs for vengeance, for punishment He longs for annihilation But a new arrival at the temple throws his life into disarray Now, if he pursues his revenge, he may well lose the person who has come to mean everything to him A man of peace, long suffering A man of passion, seeking violence Both caught in a conflict that seeks to destroy them But powerful emotions run between them, bind them as one Will their ties be strong enough to last, or will this tension crack their bonds