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[[ Read E-pub ]] Í Hearers and Doers ¾ The Foundation Of Discipleship Is Sound, Scriptural DoctrineThe Value Of Sound Doctrine Is Often Misunderstood By The Modern Church While It Can Be Dry And Dull, When It Flows From The Story Of Scripture, It Can Be Full Of Life And Love This Kind Of Doctrine, Steeped In Scripture, Is Critical For Disciple Making And It S Often Overlooked By Modern PastorsIn Hearers And Doers, Kevin Vanhoozer Makes The Case That Pastors, As Pastor Theologians, Ought To Interpret Scripture Theologically To Articulate Doctrine And Help Cultivate Disciples Scriptural Doctrine Is Vital To The Life Of The Church, And Local Pastor Theologians Should Be The Ones Delivering It To Their CommunitiesWith Arresting Prose And Striking Metaphors, Vanhoozer Addresses The Most Pressing Problems In The Modern Church With One Answer Teach Sound, Scriptural Doctrine To Make Disciples I m giving it 4 stars, but it s a really good 4 stars. Great discussion on how both Scripture and doctrine are vital in creating Christlike disciples using a uniquely Protestant methodology Lots of great content and easy to follow The controlling metaphor o At 58, I still love physical fitness I run 4 miles three times a week, lift weights, and keep up with my Tae Kwon Do Though it doesn t come easy, it did come early, and it came with loads of guidance and instruction In my Junior High and High School years I received instruction and coaching on various aspects of running and lifting I also received years of training from three martial arts instructors patiently guiding me through routines, sparring and weapons drills These experiences and my present pleasure in physical conditioning has attuned my ears to the analogies in Scripture that picture discipleship as something of an aerobic fitness program Kevin Vanhoozer, research professor of systematic theology at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, picks up this work out theme in his new 296 page hardback, Hearers Doers A Pastor s Guide to Making Disciples Through Scripture and Doctrine The author writes mainly for pastors as coaches who enable their parishioners to become fit for purpose because the church itself is a gym with its own fitness culture 43 But there s in these pages than simply an athletic analogy Hearers Doers is intended to help pastors fulfill their Great Commission to make disciples, with emphasis on the importance of teaching disciples to read the Scriptures xi Yet it is not