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If you look at the word reform in its most literal sense it means ‘the improvement or amendment of what is wrong, corrupt and unsatisfactory’ it does mean to re-form something. The NHS reform is massively unpopular, with some camps stating it is the end of the NHS or even the privatisation of the NHS. Whichever side you look at it from it is a complex and frightening business.

People in the UK have relied on the NHS since its formation in July 1948, and the thought of it not being there is a scary prospect. To counter the problems people are experiencing with NHS care, waiting lists, treatments and the hospitals themselves, many are looking at health insurance as an alternative.

Health insurance UK is not something that all of us would have contemplated, why should we, we have the best health service in the world. If people were lucky they had health insurance provided by an employer, but wouldn’t have gone down the road of actually setting it up for themselves.

The thought of the NHS being replaced by health insurance in the UK is a scary prospect.

Health Insurance UK

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We don’t want to leave our health to chance and keeping our families healthy is high on most peoples’ agenda.

The discord and argument within even the same political parties surrounding the NHS reform or the Health and Social care bill to give its official title are worrying. The bill is hugely unpopular with doctors, unions and campaigners. Doctors attending the British Medical Association's emergency meeting in May 2011 said Mr Lansley was privatising the NHS but hoped to sweeten GPs by offering them control of budgets.

To a nation that has been dependent on UK healthcare the NHS provides for many years, these reforms are very worrying and individuals are taking matters into their own hands. Health insurance in the UK wouldn’t have been thought of by many but as these changes push forward with all of the criticism ringing in our ears; we are turning to the private health insurance sector to get us the health care we demand and need.

If a loved one is taken ill we don’t want to have to hang around and be at the mercy of time, which with any illness can be critical. Prompt treatment saves lives and that is certainly the pull and the power that health insurance in the UK has.

Health insurance as an investment in the UK

Have we been dependant on national health care for too long?

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By investing into health insurance, we are sidestepping the NHS whilst it’s going through its changes, and providing protection for ourselves and those we love.