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If you’re like most people, you would never have dreamt of looking for private health insurance quotes, we had a health service that the rest of the world envied. Notice the past tense, “had” and not “have”. With all of the current criticisms of the NHS and the wide reaching reform proposals, it seems the NHS we knew, loved and relied on is no more. What can and will replace the NHS? It’s not a question that can easily be answered, but certainly one alternative is getting private health insurance quotes so you can see exactly what is available that might stand in lieu of the NHS. Nobody wants to see a loved one suffering through illness, but if you add waiting times for treatment or to see a consultant, and then the suffering is heightened for all concerned. Most private health insurance policies will have you receiving any specialist treatment or consultation you need within a matter of days.

Can private health insurance replace the NHS?

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Consider that average waiting times to start consultant lead treatment within the NHS is 18 weeks then you see immediately the huge attraction with private health cover. To many people it goes against the grain to opt for private health cover, sadly that is the way things appear to be moving and the quicker you get your health insurance quotes the better.

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If a comfortable hospital room with private facilities, exceptional care standards and no waiting lists sounds like the perfect way to be treated, then you’re right. That is exactly what you would get after you have got yourself some health insurance quotes.

Curiosity may drive you into looking at the costs involved but when you see what a basic package includes it could have you rushing to sign up for it. There is no question your treatment would be far superior to what you will get with the NHS. Don’t get me wrong, the NHS is a fantastic health care service, despite its recent criticism and the turmoil it now finds itself in.

Private treatment is superior.

NHS waiting times are 18 weeks.

Many feel that the NHS reforms are just a method to privatise the NHS, and privatisation means more choice yes, but at what financial cost to individuals. The best solution could be putting your health insurance in place now, you can sit back and watch the battle over the NHS reforms rage on knowing you are covered and can get the treatment you and your family need, when you need it, not 18 weeks down the line.

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