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The benefits of private health insurance plans are immeasurable; all of the benefits you get will far outweigh the cost of setting a plan up. Many more of us are turning to the private health sector for treatments and a way to guarantee our loved ones receive the care and medications they need if they do fall ill. The key benefits of this kind of insurance plan are you will be covered for most hospital charges, specialist fees, diagnostic testing and any chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Add to those things a private room, prompt treatment, rapid access to a consultant or specialist and any medical treatment or drugs deemed necessary for your treatment. Those few things alone make health insurance plans well worth the monthly or annual cost of the premium.

Private Health Insurance Plans Offer Many Benefits.

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There are so many stories and news reports about NHS standards it is becoming somewhat of a joke, yet there is nothing as serious as your health and putting that in the hands of an organisation that cannot offer even basic care in a lot of instances. There is currently an urgent review being undertaken of the Care Quality Commission which is the watchdog responsible for overseeing NHS hospitals and care homes. The Department of Health has reacted to alleged failures that could have risked patient care. If the watchdog is being reviewed by the Department of Health, what does that say about the NHS itself?

The very same watchdog that is under investigation has also criticised NHS Hospitals

Department Of Health Reviews Their Own Watchdog.

It is no wonder that more people are turning towards private health insurance plans to keep themselves fit and healthy. The treatments and care via the NHS may be free but in actual fact the cost could prove to be too high when you consider the waiting times (which are increasing despite breaching guidelines). Add to that the lack of possible treatments for life threatening illnesses and very poor aftercare which puts patients at risk and you could be paying with your life.

and care homes across the UK for not protecting patients dignity, ensuring they eat properly and provide safe and effective treatments  I don’t know about you but I would rather not have to rely on the NHS at this current moment in time as they seem to be in disarray at best and represent a complete health hazard rather than health care at worst.

We can’t have the health of our loved ones and ourselves left to luck, pure chance and postcode lotteries so we do what is best for our families and go down the private health care route and check out the market for health care plans.

Some NHS health trusts have imposed limits on some operations and others are increasing waiting times in an effort to save money primarily but it would seem to also drive people into the willing, waiting arms of the private health insurance plans market to get their treatments and health care there. All of this is a sad state of affairs for our once glorious, reliable and renowned National Health Service.

Limits On Operations Imposed.

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