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Health care in the UK has seen a growing demand for private health care facilities. When you read about the current state of affairs in the news, it really is no wonder why private health care is a growing market. With queues for diagnostic tests increasing, as well the recent CQC report stating that more than half of hospitals and care homes failed to offer proper treatment. It becomes a little clearer why more people are looking to private health care for prompt treatment and a far better level of health care.

Before one can make any decision with regards to investing into private health care, one would need to better understand the current state of affairs within the NHS, as well as foresee any future plans which may impact on the level and quality of service. The following articles look at the current state of affairs of health care in the UK and also give some clear insights into the issues being faced by the NHS.

Understanding UK health care

Health Care And Dental Insurance Articles

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The NHS reforms are happening, in some respects it’s like a runaway train that is out of control, so isn’t it may be time to get some health insurance quotes?

Health Insurance Quotes

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Would there ever be occasion when you would consider cheap health insurance? I’d like to wager many are considering just such a thing due to the NHS crisis currently in place.

Cheap Health Insurance

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If you’re worried about the NHS reforms, and let’s face it who isn’t, then what about individual health insurance as a way of guaranteeing the treatment you need if you fall ill.

Individual Health Insurance

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Why could you need dental insurance plans when you should be able to get access to an NHS dentist and a range of low cost treatments? There lies the answer, “should” being the operative word.

Dental Insurance Plans

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Healthcare in the UK is going through some huge changes, reforms are happening now and it could be the perfect time to compare health insurance.

Compare Health Insurance


It’s impossible if you live in the UK to have missed the huge news stories around the NHS shake up. One of the reasons people are turning to private health insurance is amid fears of our foundering NHS.

Private Health Insurance

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Open up a newspaper or turn on the news any day of the week and you will read or hear something about the NHS reforms. It really isn’t any wonder that individuals are turning to private health insurance in the UK.

Health Insurance UK

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Private health insurance plans can be life savers, fact. The private health insurance market is increasing on the back of the decline of the once great NHS.

Health Insurance Plans

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You may have heard of health cash plans but what exactly are they? These plans are not the same as having private health cover or any kind of health insurance so let’s dispel that myth immediately.

Health Cash Plans With Cash Back

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