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You may have heard of health care cash plans but what exactly are they? These plans are not the same as having private health cover or any kind of health insurance so let’s dispel that myth immediately. Health cash plans will basically reimburse you a percentage of or the full costs incurred in things such as eye tests, glasses, visit’s to the dentist and a host of other things. What a cash plan can offer you is more cash back than you actually pay into it! That may sound too good to be true, but it is a fact. You could pay somewhere in the region of £210 per month for a family of four, yet claim back up to £1070 pounds, according to Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis. Maintaining our overall health is important and one way to do that is to have regular check- ups. We have our car’s MOT’d but rarely our bodies which seems strange. Health cash plans are a way of getting your bodies MOT and claiming back a lot of the costs involved. As with any cover you can go for the basic which will give you a % of your costs back or you can go for more comprehensive cover and get 100% of your costs back.

Health cash plans are not the same as having private health insurance.

Health Care Cash Plans With Cash Back

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Other benefits are that children are often included free when their parents have the cover and the insurers won’t want any medical details from you. Your premiums won’t be affected by either your age, gender or current state of health. All plans will have an annual limit on what you can claim for each benefit but these can be generous and will certainly help your family finances in these challenging times.

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If you do have a family and a number of you wear glasses say, then you will need your regular eye tests and quite often that will involve a change of prescription. When you are talking about several new pairs of glasses over a year it can amount to quite a lot of money. Likewise even NHS dental treatments can be expensive if you need a new crown or any kind of dentures, and it will cost you £204, so if two in the family need that kind of treatment then it’s a substantial sum of money in these cash strapped times.

NHS Treatments Can Be Expensive.

Benefits Of Being Covered

If you’re thinking of investing in any insurance seek out some impartial advice such as that offered by The Money advice Service who have specific sections on all kinds of finance including insurance. Any advice you can get is great but free and impartial advice is even better. Health cash plans are growing in popularity as the financial crisis bites and they can help you ensure your family stays fit and well.

You Should Seek Impartial Advice.

This type of plan will cover a wide range of things such as those already mentioned like visits to the dentist and optician but will also pay a sum if you have to go into hospital or need to see a specialist. There are also alternative therapies that can be covered such as acupuncture, physiotherapy and homeopathy as they can be classed as everyday health care. The plans can offer far more cover such as critical illness cover, accidental death benefits and funeral benefits.

Wide Range Of Health Cover Included.