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When they re together they re great When the push and pull by the heroine happens it makes me want to slap her As naive as she is to the badies she doesn t show the same willingness to be naive to Harry s actions not that being naive is good it just meant I really didn t understand her as a character Now Harry on the other hand Well he kept this book from losing a star for me Not generally my kind of book Nevertheless, I enjoyed every second of this book I didn t want this book to end [ Kindle ] ♙ Head Over Heels ♥ Sometimes, love strikes when you least expect it By night, Harris Tweed is a shock jock on the radio, entertaining listeners with his sharp wit By day, he is Harry Woolery, a mild mannered man devoted to his young son When Harris goes too far and accuses the local reverend of stealing church funds, indirectly causing his death, it is Harry who must find a way to make amends to the reverend s beautiful widowWith the threat of losing her home and her foster kids, Nan Springfield is grateful for the kindness of a stranger named Harry Woolery, who helps her sort through the financial mess her husband left behind And he makes her feel like a woman sexy and desirable things she hasn t felt in a long, long time But when she learns his true identity, she is brokenhearted, yet determined to see him in court How can she forgive the man who made her question her husband, her marriage, her life But Harry, too, refuses to give up the fight for Nan s heart because quite simply, he s fallen for her