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Oh boy folks, brace yourself for this one, another Maximum Ride book but without Maximum Ride herself Ugh, why I knew this was going to probably happen, but still why I think I speak for a lot of fans that we wished for this to end after book three but then there was book four book five all the way to book nine and then we were told it was finally over HA What lies we were given Even the blurb sounds messed up She was left thirteen years ago That would have made her four right But I m pretty sure the last chapter with her flying was with her at five or six Not only that, but Max s family oriented character would never leave her daughter on a street corner by herself, she would have taken her with her or have a flock member watch her The only way I could see this even be possible is if she had her wait while they went to get food and they were captured or something But I m pretty sure Hawk would remember her name is Phoenix since kids that age remember their own name As for the people connected to Max, I bet it s Jeb or The Good Doctor ugh, please no, let them just be dead already But I m sure they will come back and probably Ari, for the third time since death means nothing in this series Will I read this book Yes, I will still read what I expect to be hot garbage Will I give this book a chance and review it properly Yes, I will because my teen years were devoted to Max I just wish I as apart of the Maximum Ride fandom was aloud to just move one I will not buy this book though, I don t like generation sequels, since the kids always end up to be annoying brats, but I will check this out at my library and keep my expectations low I will reread my Max books, if you would like to follow reviews of those I will give them proper reviews not the ones that are up then please consider giving me a follow and I would love to follow you back and maybe we can all read them together I work in a library and received an ARC of this book through Edelweiss It was rolling along fine until the last section of the book Now, I happen to be part of the generation that grew up with Maximum Ride Discovered the first three books in a school library, fell in love with the superpowers and humor and adventure, then watched as the series shambled on and on and on and on Now it returns with Book Ten.There were a few moments I enjoyed The prose and humor are nothing special It s mostly just violence, gotcha cliffhangers, and the occasional oh, hey, here s a character we know Max and the Flock do feature in the book I expected Hawk s friends to be a new Flock for another generation, but they ended up being in the background It s an odd sort of limbo not quite a new series, but still disconnected from its predecessors We get the basic answers of What happened to Hawk, but other questions are left to the imagination Fifteen years after an extinction level event, the world s population is evidently thriving, with nightmarish infrastructure and a booming population of criminals and drug addicts Overall, the book gave me what I expected It left me with numerous questions about the world and timeline Hawk lacks the magic that the early books held for me, but I think I was at exactly the right age when I encountered those And this book is not written for the young teen I was back then The new installment is evidently for older readers, with violence and cursing right out the gate.It s not mind numbing like Books 4 8 It mostly reminded me of its predecessor, Maximum Ride Forever Both feel like they have a reason to exist, and like there was a genuine attempt at worldbuilding and storytelling Unfortunately, those improvements can only exist because these books build from Never, which had one of the worst book endings known to mankind Although it feels like a flutter of life and someone actually thinking about what they re writing, on a larger scale the series should really have ended at 3.There was one storytelling choice near the end that was genuinely rage inducing for me, and which dropped the book from two or three stars to one view spoiler Hawk introduces the series first ever character with autism Although the word autistic is not used, it s very clear that that s what s intended Starting out, I was tentatively intrigued to see how this representation would be treated Well this character is the ONLY good guy who dies, while others escape far worse predicaments at the last second The death feels senseless the person in question isn t even mentioned in the epilogue hide spoiler We are getting another Maximum Ride book I repeat, we are getting another Maximum Ride book But none of the original flock apparently MINOR SPOILER IN PARA 2 I received an ARC of this book from my job at a library, and I will say I was a bit wary when I heard about it Generation sequels are very, very hit or miss, and I was confused about how this would fit in with the details we got from Maximum Ride Forever But I enjoyed this book so much It s fast paced and action packed like what I expect and love from a Maximum Ride book, and Hawk is one tough gal All the questions I had from reading the summary how could Max and Fang have abandoned their daughter, how could she forget her name was Phoenix and forget her parents, what happened to the rest of the Flock, etc were answered for the most part in a satisfactory way The Flock IS present in this book, so people who are potentially upset about that shouldn t worry I say give this book a chance None of the Maximum Ride books have ever been perfect, but this was fun and entertaining and suspenseful, so I have no regrets about the few hours I spent reading it. God why are you letting JP victimize us like this I m going to read it, I m weak damn it But I already know it s gonna be trash the Maximum Ride series gripped me from day one and then after like book three or four it just went to hell I resent JP so much for putting quantity over quality with his books, he is praised all the time for publishing so many books a year but what the fuck does that matter if they re all crap Because either he s only half involved or barely involved in the writing process It s not consistent and you can see that in the writing, so sad and frustrating as a reader. ARC kindly provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review Full review up on my blog April 18thbooksonal.blogspot.comFirstly I ve never read any maximum ride books before, but wanted to give this a go So if you want to know how it compares, or if it makes justice to the original read someone else s review.I think that there would ve been plenty of Easter eggs for readers of the original series, but I wasn t confused even though some things were written as if the reader already knew about it.Stars So as usual, I ll tell 4.0 things I liked about the book and 1.0 thing I didn t like 0.5 Believe ability, but again taking into consideration the target audience 0.5 Characters, a whole variety and lots of them.And not to say I was overwhelmed with the amount of characters, but maybe if I d read the previous books I wouldn t have felt like I needed from some of them 1 World and world building Especially since it was a new one to me, I found it quite fascinating 1 Writing, story arch and speed 1 Plot and basically entertainment value I can definitely see why his books are so popular, I feel like I just flew through it Read on lovelies,S Hawk by James Patterson is a book you will find near impossible to put down once you start From the first sentence you are pulled in to the world and Hawks life that James has so cleverly crafted As always with James s novels, the characters and plot are so vivid you feel as if you are in the book with Hawk,A fast paced, exciting and mysterious read that will delight fans new and old. I don t understand why people hate on this series so much No offense to anyone who thinks Maximum Ride is dumb, but this is the best series I ve ever read, and I don t understand how someone could dislike it I am SOOOOO excited for this book and hope it it just as much thrilling as the original series D {FREE E-PUB} · Hawk õ A Story For A New Generation Of Maximum Ride Fans Year Old Hawk Is Growing Up Hard And Fast In Post Apocalyptic New York City Until A Perilous Destiny Forces Her To Take Flight Where Is Maximum RideTen Years Ago A Girl With Wings Fought To Save The World But Then She DisappearedNow She S Just A Fading Legend, Remembered Only In StoriesHawk Doesn T Know Her Real Name She Doesn T Know Who Her Family Was, Or Where They Went The Only Thing She Remembers Is That She Was Told To Wait On A Specific Street Corner, At A Specific Time, Until Her Parents Came Back For HerShe Stays Under The Radar To Surviveuntil A Destiny That S Perilously Close To Maximum Ride S Forces Her To Take Flight Someone Is Coming For HerBut It S Not A Rescue MissionIt S An Execution Span Are you kidding me Is this joke My literal reaction at seeing the existence of this book was UGHH.Why is this book necessary Just let the goddamn series die James, Just let it be over LET IT GO.UGHHHHHHH Now I m going to have to read this book to see how it is intense eye roll