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I grew up with this book, and have read it countless times Like Oscar Wilde, the Marx Brothers, it could be argued, never produced anything as interesting as they were Oscar Wilde fans might disagree with me on that point Sadly, there are many who, not knowing better, equate the Marx Brothers with some of the least inventive and puerile slapstick which the 1940s dredged up This book successfully challenges and dispels this misunderstanding.It is an extraordinary ride through theatre and film history, and filled to the brim with hysterical stories In addition to being exceptionally funny, it is also extremely well researched even the end notes are both comprehensive and entertaining Filled with photographs and excerpts from their films, it is, at times, almost a laugh a line And it is fascinating to read about how the Marx Brothers movies actually came about And some of the stories are even believable Adamson s book is a magnificent example of how to write wittily and well, while constantly keeping the reader s attention.The effect of quoting great writers throughout history for the various sections of the book is to point out what should be obvious that humourous writing, like serious writing, deserves to be recognised as an art form in itself.As the Marx Brothers films become worse throughout time, the book actually becomes funnier For example, Adamson states Once the Dell Publishing Company got their hands on a great character like Bugs Bunny, they turned him into a suburban homeowner, and the chief concerns of his life became parking his car and getting his driveway shoveled In the same way, the deathless, mythical clowns of Horsefeathers and Night at the Opera are hereby pummeled and subdued into a pack of sniveling, chiseling nitwits who get in the way and mess things up a lot Recommended without reservation for anyone who likes film history, the Marx Brothers, or just wants a hilariously funny read. I don t know if this book is a vehicle for the author to delve into and explain to a general audience a passion of his or for him to exhibit his partisan cleverness and snark He certainly writes his snark in such a way that the reader stays engaged His formula for presenting and then dissecting each major Marx Brother s film gets rather ponderous towards the end The end arrives with an unsatisfying thud Heavily researched with essential primary source material including many personal interviews , this tome lends itself well to interesting a true Marx Brothers fan or a cinephile who might like the tangential history of Hollywood that a narrative like this requires as context. Brilliant The Marx Brothers book a Marx Brother could have written, if he d wanted to be honest An assessment of their work and their lives told intelligently and with amazing humor The funniest non fiction book I ve ever read, and one I can re read regularly, and often do I wish I d written it, but then, I never would have had the chance to read it. This book was written in 1973, a year after my birth, and it remains surprisingly young and entertaining Adamson is a Marx Brothers fan but one who does not hesitate to point out their artistic flaws, their failures and also their shortenings as human beings, all this in an affectionate, humorous tone The wonderful photos included in the book also help These days it s hard to find a biography that gives detailed information and at the same time remains readable, amusing and entertaining, and can be easily read even if you re not a fan Adamson s book is one of those complete with a large section of notes A great introduction to the Brothers. Actual rating is 1 2 Mostly a recap of all the plays and films the brothers have done, with not much content about the brothers themselves I found it a boring read, although the author tries too hard to be funny Not too compelling Beautiful photos though As a huge fan of the Marx brothers this book was incredibly interesting and I certainly learned a lot about the content of the movies However, Anderson seemed to talk about the writing of the plays and movies than the Marx brothers themselves There was a lot of one sided banter about how this writing pair or trio or sometimes a single would write a script only to have it thrown out Having said that, I still very much enjoyed learning what the process behind the movies were as they were probably among the most uniquely created films ever made. The book s subtitle says it s a celebration, but it reads like a criticism Still, informative. Adamson tries to be funny alongside the Brothers, a dangerous gambit, and succeeds at times The book s format becomes a fifth brother well, all right, a fourth Zeppo was the biggest stiff on stage since Curly Joe We learn all we need to know about them We learn a little about what funny is We watch it all fizzle away under TV lights.Most importantly, we learn this verse of D.H Lawrence s Song of a Man Who Has Come Through What is the knocking What is the knocking at the door in the night It is somebody wants to do us harm.No, no, it is the three strange angels.Admit them, admit them Extra star for sheer audacity. {Free Pdf} ⚢ Groucho, Harpo, Chico and Sometimes Zeppo a Celebration of the Marx Brothers õ Marx Brothers WikipdiaChico, Harpo, Groucho, Gummo, Zeppo The Marx Chico, Harpo, Groucho, Gummo, Zeppo News Freedonia Marxonia The Marx Brothers Council podcast An Evening with Groucho tour dates Movies Humor RiskThe CocoanutsAnimal CrackersMonkey BusinessHorse FeathersDuck SoupA Night at the OperaA Day at the RacesRoom ServiceAt the CircusGo WestThe Big Groucho Marx WikipdiaHarpo Fabio Viscogliosi BabelioGroucho Harpo Chico Matt Schlapp Mocked forGroucho Harpo Chico Matt Schlapp Mocked for Claim This May Be Final th of July Before Marxists Take Over US Published on July ,at PM ET By David Badash Far right wing lobbyist, Fox News contributor, Trump campaign surrogate, and provocateur Matt Schlapp is being mocked after claiming Marxists are taking over the country and warning that as a result, SaturdayChico and Harpo of the Marx Brothers in aChico and Harpo of the Marx Brothers in aProm home permanent commercial Groucho took a bow from this hair frolic, he was losing a lot of his waves by this time anyway Marx Brothers dfinition de Marx Brothers et synonymesHarpo et Chico doivent tuer Briggs pour Helton, tandis que Groucho et Zeppo s occupent de Helton pour Briggs Or, Zeppo est tomb amoureux de Mary Helton, la fille du gangster, qui a t enleve par son adversaire Briggs De retour sur la terre ferme, les quatre frres unissent leurs forces pour la sauver Il s agit du rle le plus consquent de Zeppo, et du seul film o les MarxHarpo meets Groucho on You Bet Your Life Harpo pays a surprise visit to his brother Groucho on the set of You Bet Your Life, to promote his autobiography Harpo Speaks Libros de MARX GROUCHO HARPO Y CHICO OhLibro Descubre qu libros de MARX GROUCHO HARPO Y CHICO estn hechos para ti Djate seducir por Ohlibro, Prubalo ya Marx Brothers Wikipedia Groucho, Chico, and Harpo worked together in separate scenes in The Story of MankindIn , the three began production of Deputy Seraph , a TV series starring Harpo and Chico as blundering angels, and Groucho in every third episode as their boss, the Deputy Seraph The best thing about this book are the amazing photos, many of which I had never seen before Beyond that, there are a few interesting bits of information, but the writing style is painful Joe Adamson attempts to write in his own Marx Brothers style, which as you can imagine, does not go very well He also goes extremely deep and detailed into the variety of writers, directors and producers of the films, which is beyond boring, although it was interesting to read exactly why the early Marx Brothers films are so good and so funny, and the later ones are so terrible This book is probably only for the true Marx Brothers nerd, and then only if you can skate past the terrible writing style.