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Another book I liked, if only for the general grubbiness of the main character and the meandering narrative, which really does reflect some of the effects of loss and destabilization Also there are some great reflections on artiness and charlatanism also good characters and a witty, fractured style of dialogue that parallels actual aimless conversation. Insufferable protagonist. Loved the languageliked the plotannoyed by Dacres the main character , but I guess you ll have that in an anti hero Nevertheless, I loved the insight brought out in Tarnopolsky s prose, and the story did move along at a satisfying pace 3 stars I couldn t get into it but forced myself to continue reading and reading up until page 61 I should have trusted my instincts and quit at page 20 Great book, great language Thought provoking Highly recommended. {Ebook} ⚻ Goya's Dog õ A stunning, darkly comic consideration of love, grief, the appeal of gin, and the artist s role in times of war Edward Dacres is an unforgettable anti hero, a dissolute painter whose fortunes in London have dwindled to nothing by the autumn ofWhen a misdirected letter invites him to take part in a delegation to bring art to the Colonies, as it were, he seizes the opportunity to leave England Once in North America, Dacres is forced by a series of mishaps to abandon the delegation and seek survival by any means In the puritan climate ofToronto, however, most citizens have their thoughts on the war and don t care a whit for his painted triangles Most, that is, with the notable exception of a beautiful heiress with an eye for art and a wilful determination to save Dacres from himselfA love story laced with satire, a historical novel bearing on contemporary truths, a picaresque tale of cowardice, drinking and artistic paralysis, Goya s Dog is above all else an original and mesmerizing debut novel from a writer The Globe and Mail has called a truly new voice, delivered with rare panache