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FREE ç Golden Roses by Emily Nicole Þ What had I done in my past life to blessed and cursed all at once My mother often told me Mierya you have the world at your feet, all you have to do is run with it She was right I had everything I could ever want and yet I can t escape the horrors of my past Longing for a normal life I thought I would have that withhim Greyson made me feel so much alive than I ever had in my life Little did I know my life would change From the moment we first met, I knew something about him was different He was something much than human he was indescribable As my life intertwined with his, the I lost myself Suddenly faced with a choice to make, I pray for my soul that I chose the right path Will my choice be a chance at a new life, will it save my soul or will the choice I make be my souls untimely death In love with this book