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This book is just as good as the first one. This was pretty good, but I read it so long ago that I can t really remember. I read this in middle school and immediately started imaging becoming a spy and going on adventures and saving the world Better than the first in the series, but I think by the time I wanted to get the third book, I had outgrown them. I liked this one as much as the first this book is pretty good It is full of action and surprizes. More unbelievable than the first a picky complaint but it does move us towards solving Jesse s mystery A great follow up for those who outgrow Nancy Drew does anyone still read Nancy Drew {Free Epub} õ Fugitive Ù If you make the wrong choice, you dieJesse is on assignment again, to track down and bring into C headquarters a man called Ari Why is C so desperate to find this man How will Jesse seize him when he is protected day and night by a clever, ruthless professional killer What is Ari s connection to the group Peace First, which Jesse has been ordered to infiltrate There s only one way to find out