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If you re looking for a guru, look no further. `E-pub ⇳ From Suffering to Joy: The Path of the Heart ↠ From Suffering to Joy offers a method of self discovery that can help bring harmony to your life and help you build truly intimate relationships Prem Baba is a Brazilian master teacher of an ancient spiritual lineage in India who focuses on building a bridge between spirituality and psychology, East and West In this book he offers a practical methodology called the Path of the Heart, which can help you learn to Overcome limiting psychological patterns by recognizing and working with your inner child Take responsibility for and transform the negative conditioning that causes suffering to you and those around you Awaken your higher consciousness through daily practices of meditation and prayer Contribute to resolving global problems through changes in your lifeBy following the Path of the Heart, you will be able to move beyond the limitations of the ego and know the love and joy that are your essence