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|Read Book ⚤ From Madman to Crime Fighter á They were mad, of course Or evil Or godless, amoral, arrogant, impersonal, and inhuman At best, they were well intentioned but blind to the dangers of forces they barely controlled They were Faust and Frankenstein, Jekyll and Moreau, Caligari and Strangelove the scientists of film and fiction, cultural archetypes that reflected ancient fears of tampering with the unknown or unleashing the little understood powers of natureIn From Madman to Crime Fighter, Roslynn D Haynes analyzes stereotypical characters including the mad scientist, the cold blooded pursuer of knowledge, the intrepid pathbreaker, and the bumbling fool that, from medieval times to the present day, have been used to depict the scientist in Western literature and film She also describes realistically drawn scientists, characters who are conscious of their public responsibility to expose dangers from pollution and climate change yet fearful of being accused of lacking evidenceDrawing on examples from Britain, America, Germany, France, Russia, and elsewhere, Haynes explores the persistent folklore of mad doctors of science and its relation to popular fears of a depersonalized, male dominated, and socially irresponsible pursuit of knowledge for its own sake She concludes that today s public response to science and scientists much of it negative is best understood by recognizing the importance of such cultural archetypes and their significance as myth From Madman to Crime Fighter is the most comprehensive study of the image of the scientist in Western literature and film