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someone yeet me into 2020 so I can land at the feet of this book and its flawless cover Epic and exciting Don t miss this one Why does every book in 2020 seem to have gorgeous cover This year I think I m broke already but next year, I bet I m gonna go bankrupt. Enchanting world building, non stop action, political intrigue, and dark magic are woven into the silky yet fast paced daydream of a fantasy that is FOREST OF SOULS Using shadows and light, Lori M Lee casts the perfect web of unforgettable characters and an intriguing plot you won t want to escape. all i have to say is charlie bowater is really doing it for us I normally don t prefer people on book covers, but she looks like she could kill me so .Free Ebook ☨ Forest of Souls ♤ Danger Lurks Within The Roots Of Forest Of Souls, An Epic, Unrelenting Tale Of Destiny And Sisterhood, Perfect For Fans Of Naomi Novik And Susan DennardSirscha Ashwyn Comes From Nothing, But She S Intent On Becoming Something After Years Of Training To Become The Queen S Next Royal Spy, Her Plans Are Derailed When Shamans Attack And Kill Her Best Friend SaengoAnd Then Sirscha, Somehow, Restores Saengo To LifeUnveiled As The First Soulguide In Living Memory, Sirscha Is Summoned To The Domain Of The Spider King For Centuries, He Has Used His Influence Over The Dead Wood An Ancient Forest Possessed By Souls To Enforce Peace Between The Kingdoms Now, With The Trees Growing Wild And Untamed, Only A Soulguide Can Restrain Them As War Looms, Sirscha Must Master Her Newly Awakened Abilities Before The Trees Shatter The Brittle Peace, Or Worse, Claim Saengo, The Friend She Would Die For Ooo I must say a lot of my TBR YA books have been impressing me with their covers lately This cover is EVERYTHING Sirscha Ashwyn is an orphan intent on acquiring prestige and power by becoming the Queen s Shadow, who operates as the Queen s advisor and spy Sirscha is a soldier in the Queen s Company, which is described as a military finishing school She has also already been tapped to train in secret with the current Shadow, raising her hopes that she ll be officially named the Shadow s apprentice any day now But a routine trip to take criminals to the prison camp goes horribly awry, and her best friend Saengo is fatally wounded during the fight Or so Sirscha thinks She awakens to find Saengo very much alive, healed by Sirscha s newfound magical powers The only problem is that those with magic the shamanborn are outlawed in her country There is nowhere to flee except into the Dead Wood, which separates the three kingdoms, and the trees of the Dead Wood are, well, deadly This is an awesome fantasy, filled with political intrigue, nonstop action, kingdoms on the brink of war, and a very, very, creepy forest I loved the rich and detailed world building, from the different species of drakonys large bipedal lizards that you can ride like horses to the various types of magical abilities, to the forest OMG, the FOREST Did I mention it was super creepy, but in the best possible way There is a dark mystery behind the Dead Wood why it kills and why it s spreading and only someone with Sirscha s magical powers can figure it out Sirscha is headstrong, impulsive, and a badass with dual swords, but she s also compassionate towards others and devoted to Saengo There was some fun verbal jousting with a prince that bordered on flirting, but that s the only romance in the book Maybe it will develop in the next book, which would be interesting.The only thing I didn t love about this book is that it ends on a cliffhanger, and waiting another year for the next book will be torture I received an e ARC from the author for an honest review.