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I read the longer reviews and then had the sample sent to my kindle before purchasing this book (Note: for those who don't have kindles you can read a sample on thesite look inside = read a sample.) And now before posting this review I read ALL the reviews This author stirred some passionate comments, both positive and negative Personally, I expect a JAFF to vary (It is a variation!) from the canon If I want the canon, I am rereading PP (One person criticized using that abbreviation really?)This story definitely has a strong story line I was fearful that there would be first hand descriptions of the abuse Elizabeth underwent at the hands of the Count but thankfully they arein hindsight (Not that this makes them less horrible, but it doesn't make me live through it blowbyblow.) The scenes of Darcy weeping over her grave and of him seeing her walking in the storm are so stirring I sit here with tears remembering the scenes The author used such vivid words that I had no problem seeing these and other scenes in my mind.There was just enough passion and foreplay between the main couple that I was holding my breath to read if they FINALLY consummated their deep love for each other However, they continued to painfully NOT cross the last line I love how the author actually had them marry (and what a story that rite involved) before that final step Plus, I was gratified to read about the love of other married couples dear to our hearts Jane and Bingley, Georgiana and Ewan gave us other secondary tales to follow Enrapted with the story, I cared about whether the latter couple ever had children I wanted to hug the former couple for going so far outonalimb to care for and to seek a cure for Jane's sister and loved the way Bingley finally told Mrs Bennett off and took action to cut her out of their lives.As for the women drooling over Darcy, if one reads books about the British ton, i.e., To Marry an English Lord, etc one reads that affairs did go on between married and unmarried persons, even involving royalty The idea of producing an heir and then having an affair seemsthe norm than not And with Darcy's looks, money, maturity and unmarried state he was a challenge Jane Austen definitely had that in her book That was part of the reason Meryton citizens reasoned he was above his company.Part of the drama in this story is the peril into which Lizzy places herself by leaving Pemberley with Georgiana's sisterinlaw A few opinions/ideas: we read in Elizabeth's thoughts that she is fearful of what her relationship will do to Darcy, she is already considering leaving him to protect him and we read in the Bible, Greater love hath no man than this that he lay down his life for a friend So Elizabeth's allconsuming love for Darcy could lead to her going off with Cecile Preston My rationalization for what some say is improbable!I liked the one reviewer's remark that this seemed a cross between Bronte's Jane Eyre and Jane Austen's PP (Bronte would hate the comparison.) but I agree Elizabeth's years with a mother who cared nothing for her, and a father who did little to guide his daughters and safeguard or plan for their futures compares somewhat with the darker childhood and teen years of Jane Eyre And both love a man above their class.I highly recommend this book and will be looking for this author's other book(s). Exhilarating Adventure, Drama, and AllConsuming LoveTYPE OF AUSTENESQUE NOVEL: Pride and Prejudice Variation, Mature AudienceTIME FRAME: two years after Darcy’s failed proposal in HunsfordMAIN CHARACTERS: Elizabeth, Darcy, Georgiana Ingram, Evan Ingram, Colonel Fitzwilliam, George Wickham, Charles and Jane Bingley, Count Stefano, Cecile Preston, Mr WilliamsonWHY I WANTED TO READ THIS NOVEL: New Author For Me: Even though she has 3 books published and has been writing for years, this is my first time reading anything by Brenda Webb (shameful, I know!) Highly Recommended: This book has been on my wish list for years as the the reviews and recommendations for it are overwhelmingly positive! It also won the vote I held last month!SYNOPSIS:Darcy goes to Scotland and Ireland for two years to escape his pain and longing for Elizabeth Bennet Meanwhile Elizabeth is forced in marriage by dear Mrs Bennet to a deceptive and delusional man who holds her captive When Darcy returns to find Elizabeth a shell of her former self and in need of his help and protection, he is unable to refuse and commits himself to her in an entirely new and selfless way…WHAT I LOVED: It is Sensational and Dramatic: What a dark and imaginative deviation! Wow! This story is a big departure from canon and follows its own course This premise is filled with multiple villains, madness, and delicious melodrama! Our antagonists are different and instead of overcoming pride and misunderstandings, our dear couple fights Elizabeth’s dangerous husband and the evil plots others have against them I thoroughly enjoyed these changes, new scenarios, and the unique adventure this story took me on Compelling and Captivating: The premise had me spellbound; and the intense drama, evil plots, and danger were all wellconstructed and skillfully executed I enjoyed the author’s style and thought there was a great balance of dialogue, action, and flashbacks The descriptions were vivid and the story was presented with just the right amount of detail This adventure definitely had me consumed and when I wasn’t reading, I was thinking about these characters and mulling over the drama in their lives I love when a story does that! What a Darcy!: Being portrayed in the most heroic and swoonworthy of premises, this Darcy is the ultimate romantic icon! Completely devoted, desperately in love, and dangerous to his enemies…*sigh* (excuse me while I collect myself from the puddle I have melted into!) I loved seeing this multifaceted Darcy – he is both an ardent lover, taking care of Elizabeth with the tenderest of concern and a strong protector, ready to defend to the death! I loved Darcy’s principles and honor in this story How he would defy society, alter the course of his life, and completely devote himself to Elizabeth stole my heart! Engaging Relationships and Dynamic Characters: There was plenty of new original characters in this tale and I especially enjoyed seeing these characters interact with Jane Austen’s characters The new villains and antagonists were interesting and exciting additions, but my favorite relationships to observe were those between Mr Williamson and Elizabeth and Darcy, Georgiana’s happy marriage with her husband Evan, and Mrs Reynolds love for Georgiana, Darcy, and Elizabeth.WHAT I WASN’T TOO FOND OF:While I did think there might have been one delusional woman too many chasing after Darcy, and I did find it a little odd that the Gardiners only came onto the scene at the end, I really can’t say either of those marred any enjoyment or pleasure I had in this story!CONCLUSION:Looking for a Pride and Prejudice variation that pull at your heartstrings, enthrall your senses, and excite your mind? Fitzwilliam Darcy An Honorable Man is a wonderfully epic and romantic adventure, and I’m so very glad that I finally got to read a story by Brenda J Webb! For those readers who enjoy heartrending romances and exhilarating premises, she is an author not to miss!WARNING:There are several intimate scenes between couples in love in this story – not very frequent or graphic though And there are some scenes of mild violence Would recommend for Mature Audiences.Austenesque Reviews This was a great read one filled equally with worry, angst, love, humour,despair and thankfully a happy ever after for our beloved couple Lizzy and Darcy behave as Jane Austen wrote them there is a very strong connection both physically and mentally between,which is moving to witness Having weathered their fair share of turbulent times, we are relieved to see them happily united as a strong,united couple relishing in their happiness and able to withstand whatever the winds of change shall bring I recommend it to Austen fans. This review was first posted on Babblings of a Bookworm: is a Pride Prejudice variation which varies quite widely from the original book Aside from the changes unfolding as you read there are a number of changes to past events which aren’t obvious at first, such as a much smaller age gap between Georgiana and Darcy, 3 years instead of 12, and the history of George Wickham is also different – there was no attempted elopement with Georgiana and Wickham never joined the militia, meaning that hasn’t been to Meryton and has never met the Bennets Following the disastrous Hunsford proposal Darcy informed Bingley that he had been mistaken in his estimation of Jane Bennet’s feelings towards Bingley Feeling a need to escape for a while Darcy has spent the last two years visiting his estates in Scotland and Ireland Personal mail wasn’t forwarded at his request Finally, Darcy feels that he is over his unrequited love for Miss Elizabeth Bennet, and he is ready to marry and produce the requisite heir for Pemberley.‘It had taken a long time, but he was certain now of one thing – he could meet her as an indifferent and common acquaintance.’Georgiana is unaware of the reason for her brother’s prolonged absence but is thrilled that he is finally thinking of marrying Although she and her husband have been unable to have a child of their own she wants her brother to be happy and she looks forward to lavishing love on a niece or nephew Georgiana has a candidate for a bride too, her husbands’ stepbrothers’ widow, a Mrs Preston She is plain, but aside from that Georgina feels that she might fit Darcy’s personality quite well Having given up on love Darcy is amenable to considering a marriage with Mrs Preston, who he feels will not expect him to love her.Meanwhile Bingley is at the end of his tether; though happily married to the former Miss Jane Bennet he is extremely worried about Elizabeth After Elizabeth’s return from Kent a Count, Stefano, came to Hertfordshire and became besotted with Elizabeth, who showed no interest in him The Count proposed marriage to Elizabeth but was refused consent by Mr Bennet Following Mr Bennet’s death soon afterwards, the Count renewed his addresses to Elizabeth, receiving farencouragement from Mrs Bennet Then one night Elizabeth disappeared and suddenly Mrs Bennet was in possession of a large sum of money, having sold her daughter’s hand in marriage News was next heard of Elizabeth having married the Count, presumably against her will The next contact relating to Elizabeth was via a servant, who informed the Bingleys that Elizabeth had been involved in a violent altercation with her husband in which she witnessed her husband killing her maid, and had herself been grazed by a bullet Her husband had then set the house on fire The servants had hidden Elizabeth and put out word that she was dead A grave in Meryton holds the body of a servant who perished in the fire and the secret of Elizabeth’s survival has been carefully kept from all but a handful of people.Lizzy is by no means unscathed by her experience She’s had a breakdown of sorts and barely communicates If she sees a man she often panics and the need to limit the people in Meryton who know she’s alive means that Elizabeth is cared for by Jane and one servant She has escaped from the house onthan one occasion and it is purely by good luck that she hasn’t already been discovered Bingley is praying that his good friend Darcy will assist them with their need to get Lizzy away from Meryton and be assured that she will be cared for by somebody who loves her and will be able to keep her existence a secret This is obviously asking a huge amount of Darcy – firstly, it is asking him to take on the care of somebody who rejected his offer of marriage and broke his heart, which will be hard enough, but Bingley is also asking Darcy to sacrifice his future Should Lizzy recover she is married to a dangerous madman so she wouldn’t be free to marry Darcy and the likelihood of Darcy marrying somebody else willing to put up with the care of her husband’s first love seems slim Darcy sees all the disadvantages of him taking on Elizabeth’s care but once Darcy sees Elizabeth and realises that he is one of the very few people she responds positively to it becomes a very difficult task to walk away from the only woman he’s ever loved in her hour of need.‘If he took Elizabeth to Pemberley, he would be giving up the prospect of a future with another woman, and there would be no future with Elizabeth as his wife, as she was already married Could I settle for another woman, knowing that Elizabeth is alive? Can I live with the prospect of caring for her a lifetime without being able to marry her?’Will Darcy succumb to the pressure of his responsibilities to marry and provide an heir for Pemberley? Will Lizzy ever recover? Is there any chance of a happy ever after for our poor couple!?I thought this was a really inventive and unusual premise Some elements reminded me of a story by Victorian author Wilkie Collins, called ‘The Woman in White’ which features a villainous Italian Count, sees a character presumed dead and touches on mental illness It’s certainly very sad to read of the circumstances that Lizzy has found herself forced into due to her mother’s avarice In some variations Mrs Bennet is shown to be pettily spiteful to Elizabeth but her behaviour here transcends the petty, it’s genuinely evil!I wasn’t sure about the behaviour of some of the characters, Caroline Bingley in particular does something that I can’t see her doing, as any shame on the Bennets is also shame on her, via her brother’s family connection Also, many of the characters are quite demonstrative, which surprised me a tad For those who prefer to avoid them there are some sex scenes although they are not especially graphic.There are some strong gothic elements in this story – madness, violence, villains, peril and high drama The characters tend to be either good or entirely bad and every female who Darcy meets in society is abhorrent, they are either trying to catch his hand in marriage or secure him as a lover This is certainly a gripping story, not the type of thing you pick up if you have 10 minutes here and there to fill, you need a good stint of reading time because I needed to know what happened next to the characters but was almost afraid to read on and find out! There is no need to worry too much as eventually no bad deed goes unpunished, rapturous happiness awaits the deserving and best of all, we see a victim become a victor I would recommend this as an extremely romantic, extremely entertaining read but not for the Austen purist, as I felt this story had agothic romance feel than Austen feel to it.*I received a copy of this book from the author for my honest review This is a good long read full of action, adventure and angst and is a real rollercoaster There are some important changes to the timeline here Darcy left after his proposal at Huntsford for two years Wickham did not elope with Georgiana and did not join the militia Mr Bennet has died and Collins taken possession of Longbourn Having fallen on hard times Mrs Bennet effectively sells Elizabeth to Count Stefano who is a real villain in this tale The story starts when Bingley asks Darcy to help him hide Elizabeth who is believed by all to be dead at the hands of her husband Elizabeth is not the person he knew before She's frightened, traumatised and mute and yet there is an immediate connection between them The early scenes between Darcy and Elizabeth gave me goosebumps of course, Darcy can't marry her, she's already married and the Count is suspicious as to whether Elizabeth was genuinely killed Add a jealous Caroline Bingley, greedy Wickham and desperate spurned woman into the mix and it all makes for an interesting, yet really sad tale.I felt so sorry for Darcy and Elizabeth they are both so alone in the world it makes their connection seemimportant There were a few issues in this book that I thought were very unlikely but I wasthan happy to overlook them This is a really long book but is definitely worth the effort! I wanted to punch this book in the face A few weeks back I noted I had read this book and never wrote a review so I decided to reread and review Sadly this was not one of my best decisions This story suffers terribly in comparison to other books I have read recently There are books I will say I can't put down, this was the opposite I would put it down often Fitzwilliam Darcy an Honorable man is loaded with Angst, drama, intrigue, and scandal; but it is handled badly I hadn't readthan a few chapters when I began to think of this as a PP / General Hospital mash up Specifically the early 80s plot with Luke and Laura and the Cassadines (read about it here ) (view spoiler)[The story opens 2 years or so ( on that later) following the disastrous proposal at Hunsford parsonage The world has changed; Jane Charles are married and have a son, Georgiana is married [for several years what], Mr Bennet has died, the Collins live in Longbourn, Mary Bennet has married, Darcy has just returned for a two year stay in Scotland and Ireland; wence he opted not to have his mail forwarded, Anne deBourgh has married and been abandoned by her husband and oh yeah Lizzy Bennet is dead (psych)Lizzy Bennet is an addled, mute, lunatic living in Jane's attic You see after her father's death Mrs Bennet sold Lizzy to Count Stephano Now Count Stephano is the son of Lord Stanton and his Italian wife who took her son to Italy where she raised him In Italy, a country that didn't exist until 1861 Oh yes that seems nit picky but it isn't And everybody seems to know this yet Count Stephano hides (I hate you book) When Lizzy and her maid tried to escape his evil clutches Stephano shot them and tried to burn down the house to hide the crime Lizzy was spirited away by servants and smuggled to Netherfield Now here I really have to point out that Jane and Bingley are pretty freaking idiotic They are trying to hide Lizzy 2 miles from her mother and 3 miles from her former home Now there is no reason that the Bingleys couldn't have packed up their household and gone to Bath, Ramsgate, Brighton, Scarsboro, York or any of the myriad of locations where they and Lizzy would be be unknown Most gentlemen traveled during the year But no they cower in Netherfield like a bunch of frightened children and hope someone will save them Meanwhile Fitzwilliam Darcy has returned to somewhat limited society at his MARRIED SISTER's HOME in Derbyshire Darcy is like the Regency James Bond; every man wants to be him and every woman wants to be with him He can barely walk across the room before some woman is begging him to bed her When a letter reaches him from Charles Bingley requesting help he rushes to his aid And then Jane and Bingley ask for his help with Lizzy (psych) Of course not these are idiots – they need to determine if Darcy will help them so they tell him that she is dead When he is devastated she appears like a wraith – because this story has devolved from bad daytime story line to Scooby Doo mysteries So why did the Bingleys never reach out to the Gardiners for help with Lizzy? I can't imagine they wouldn't have helped but I digress I am bringing logic and reason to this insanity Of course Darcy agrees to rescue her and take her to Pemberley and the next morning they depart for Pemberley via London because where else can Lizzy be exposed to people? Hertfordshire is NORTH of London, Derbyshire is North of Hertfordshire So why do they go south? For the first 30% of the book Lizzy never speaks Which is awlful until she does and then you wish she didn't.Another pet peeve of mine is that the author behaves as if England was a lawless state While women had little rights and there wasn't a police force there was plenty of justice And Since Lizzy's husband tried to kill her and burn the body it would have been proper for some sort of charges to be brought Even if the only witnesses were servants There were magistrates, sheriffs, bailiffs But these dolts decide to do it themselves Additionally he was going around England committing other offenses that were illegal Once they get to Pemberley everybody and their brother shows up to disturb Lizzy and or yell at her and or throw themselves at Darcy then a bunch of stuff happens and Darcy goes to London and Lizzy is lured away from Pemberley by a woman who is a cohort of Lord Stefanos George Wickham Luckily Darcy Fitzwilliam were already headed for Liverpool to try to catch Stefano and they meet up with Georgiana's husband who is searching for Lizzy And there is a fight of Good verses Evil and Good triumphs !!And now we get into the endless endings (view spoiler)[ During one of the not ending endings there is a discussion between Lizzy's childhood minister and some gentlemen about how Lizzy can be tough when necessary And they all act surprised which is really weird because they apparently forget that Lizzy had shot and killed someone the day before after escaping from her kidnapper (hide spoiler)] I've had my eye on this one since I saw a blog review for it some time ago I was happy as a lark when I was offered it for review Huzzah! Erm, um, I mean, sure I would be happy to read and review this book Haha!As a big Jane Austen and Austenesque fan, I adore reading creative variations on stories about Jane Austen or her characters In the case of this book, it is a Pride Prejudice variation I know lots of people prefer their JAFF and Austenesque work close to the original telling or characters If that is you? This story probably isn't for you because it takes off in an entirely different direction from the original Character names, places and some events will be recognizable, but that's it This was a delightful deviation and a creative page turning story in its own right It gives a nod toward the gothic doomed love affairs of the day with a sinister, mad villain, a tragic hero, a Perilous Pauline heroine, and a vast array of secondary characters to fill out the cast It is a hefty story with a vast deal going on to keep the reader entertained withthan one plot thread Honestly, some of the side stories were as engaging as that of the main couple.The story assumes the reader is at least slightly familiar with the original Pride Prejudice story though its not absolutely necessary that the read had read or watched it To give a starting point to those that are familiar, it begins about two years after a disastrous wedding proposal scene at Hunsford when the heroine rejects the hero utterly and completely Darcy arrogantly and confidently thought Elizabeth would not only welcome his proposal, but look on it as a godsend since she came from lower gentry stock and he was wealthy with aristocratic bloodline Yeah, no, not so much! She wasn't impressed and sent him off smartly Darcy is devastated and leaves everything behind for two years trying to get over his misplaced love meanwhile those back home don't live in a vacuum.Darcy returns to find a sister so happy to have him back and worried about his emotional state that she is matchmaking in earnest for him with her husband's sister He discovers that his friend Charles Bingley married the sister of the woman he loved and hoped to marry, but Charles is desperate for his help with some matter Darcy's cousin Anne was importuned by a scoundrel And he truly believes he is ready to move on and that Elizabeth is firmly in his past Ha! No, not hardly But it takes a halflie to bring him to his senses before he settles for the wrong woman.Charles and Jane have been hiding her broken sister who went through such trauma that now she doesn't speak, doesn't seem to be a part of reality, has violent reactions to certain triggers and has a habit of escaping so that the people of Meryton are convinced a ghost walks among them Elizabeth was betrayed by her own mother and given to a man she despised who ran her to Gretna Green and treated her abominably before she was thought to have died in a fire that consumed the home he held her prisoner in The Count would come after her if he thought his wife lived and her mother would return her to him so the Bingleys hide her They know it is only a matter of time before she is discovered and she is too much for them in her current condition so they form a scheme to appeal to a man they suspect loves Lizzy.Darcy comes up to scratch and takes on the task of hiding his beloved Elizabeth and working to restore her mind It is arduous and hard on him He knows that if even a part of the truth is discovered that both their reputations and place in society will be done for, but he has a second chance with the woman he loves and he's taking it Meanwhile, scheming women, wellmeaning family, greedy villains and despair for Elizabeth's recovery keep Darcy busy enough not worry about a little thing like reputation It takes the support of his true friends and some luck to save him and Elizabeth from the trouble circling But in the end, he wonders if she can accept that he has changed and can they both accept their new situation since she is still a married woman.As I mentioned before, this is an exciting and venturesome take on the characters There is a lot of drama, intense build up and exciting moments that kept me preoccupied Several plot threads were part of this book and multiple narrators though Darcy was the most prominent The historical backdrop is good and stretches from country estates and rural social life to the glittering ballrooms of London society The pacing varied so that sometimes it just flew along and other times it meandered I enjoyed both the tense scenes wondering how the hero or heroine would get through something and the scenes that gave a snapshot of family life, time with friends or romantic development This story was not shallow, but it was a bit thin on character development Characters tended to be a strong version of whoever or whatever they were though I do think Darcy's sister, Georgiana, who was a favorite for me, had some moments of growth as she worked through her feelings about Elizabeth being in her brother's life and letting her brother live his life without interference even though she means well.I suppose this wasn't meant to be like this, but I kept thinking that Darcy is a bit of a rock star of the day It was hilarious that he could walk into a ballroom and every woman, married or single, old or young was ready to swoon or toss their knickers at him How could Lizzy resist this hunk of irresistible man, right? The scheming women after Darcy do take up a vast deal of the story, but since I found it amusing I went with it Darcy is the romantic figure He screwed up when he got all high and mighty with the woman he loved, then he tries to forget her assuming that she will never change her mind, then he makes a huge sacrifice to have her with him even if she is a broken shadowy version of the woman she once was He acted arrogant with Elizabeth before this book picked up the story, but the Darcy of the story is a changed man He's actually pretty shy and sensitive so that it is painful to him to be an object to the women who notice him for his looks and wealth His cousin, Richard, and his brother in law and Charles Bingley are his friends and they see the real Darcy Richard isn't above harassing him about it all, but he totally had Darcy's back through the whole story and I loved it.Madness was also a theme Elizabeth was temporarily in a state of madness as a result of head trauma and longterm abuse and the fiend that married her, The Count, is most definitely mad Oh and hey, some of the Darcy fanclub of women might have gone a bit mad too I've read what it was like for those considered mad back then and the conditions of places like Bedlam so its a very serious and dangerous thing to be considered mad So the fact that first Charles and Jane and then Darcy, hide Lizzy and try to get her help in private is a huge deal The thing about women of that time being the property of their husbands and having little independence was also a factor in why they were so keen to keep her away from The Count or from the knowledge of Society Parents could push their children into horrific arranged marriage situations (I felt so sorry for Richard's elder siblings that had sad marriages) Guys back then could beat their wives black and blue and this was not a crime by law and few saw it as a moral crime either (okay some did, but not enough) Definitely makes one grateful to live in the times we do.Of all the characters, Lizzy is probably the one I least connected with though I don't mean this to say that I didn't connect at all or hated her I am totally sympathetic to what happened to her as a result of a horrid mother and a villain She experienced so much and it was no wonder that she retreated inside her head But she is also the type of heroine that is always in need of rescue (by no fault of her own to be sure) She isn't a stupid heroine that rushes headlong into danger without thought, but she is the type that stuff happens to her making her reactive instead of proactive most of the time Her big moments tended to be the 'I must leave because I'm a trouble magnet and I don't want to bring it all down on my friends' with the exception of her gumption during the climax to actually save Darcy's life And because of the direction of the plot, I'd have to agree with her there, but I do wish to have seen some of the fire that made Darcy love her in the first place.The strong thread of family and tightknit friendship was most welcome I loved the interwoven stories of Evan and Georgiana, Charles and Jane, Richard and the rest of the Fitzwilliams, the servants and even the obvious opposites like Caroline, Mrs Preston and a few other of the women Darcy and Lizzy are surrounded by others going about their lives and the romance isn't told in isolation This was a nice strong point In fact, this book has the longest denouement that I've ever read I think as it gives a lot about what happens after the Happily Ever After.So, I had a really good time with this one and look forward tofrom the author I would definitely recommend it to Austenesque fans who don't mind strong deviations from the original and also to Historical Romance lovers who enjoy a pinch of spice and drama to their reading experience.My thanks to the author for providing a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review. Wow! What a great story There was angst, gossip, adventure and of course lots of romance I loved Fitzwilliam in this one! He had a rock star like status in this one among the ton and I felt like every women wanted him So much happened in this story that it really could have been two books If you love JAFF you'll love this ❤️ {Free Book} Î Fitzwilliam Darcy: An Honourable Man ð Fitzwilliam Darcy, An Honourable Man is a Pride and Prejudice variation Not a simple retelling, it is an intriguing new story that does not follow canon It is rated for mature audiences Leaving England after his disastrous proposal was refused at Hunsford, Darcy spent two lonely years in Scotland and Ireland before returning home to face Elizabeth Bennet, certain that he could regard her as an indifferent acquaintance Events that transpired in his absence have left Elizabeth a changed woman The victim of a marriage by deception to Count Stefano, she has suffered greatly at his hands Will Mr Darcy rescue the woman he vowed to forget? I love this author's gothic romances I think I have read them all now Hoping she has another just around the corner Love Richard and Darcy in this one This story is out there but it is in the tradition of true gothic writing Terrific!