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|Download Book ⚇ Fibromyalgia Cure or Permanent Remission? ☨ Does this story sound familiar at all She watched her mother deal with fibromyalgia her whole life She had symptoms as a teenager As a young adult she had isolated symptoms that got worse and spread to and of her body She visited doctors who couldn t help her or thought nothing was wrong She got worse She got headaches every day at work Then everything came crashing in and she could stand, sit, or lie down without pain She couldn t fall asleep or stay asleep She had doctors telling her stuff that was just stupid, like get your breasts reduced And then the diagnosis You have fibromyalgia and you are doomed to be in pain forever This happened to Lisa Klein Weber At justyears old, with an infant son she couldn t even carry, she was diagnosed with fibromyalgiaShe fought back She pushed, pulled, and clawed her way back to health over the course ofyears and gained a boatload of knowledge along the wayHere it is all laid out Every remedy she tried that didn t help Every treatment she attempted that brought about even a tiny bit of pain reliefIncluding the topamazing things that helped so much that she now calls herself cured or in remissionof them she still does today,years post diagnosis