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^READ EBOOK ⇯ Everwar (Cal Leandros, #11) ☟ The newest Cal Leandros novel from Rob Thurman New York Times bestselling author of Never and Downfall You want to know what it s like being dead I ll tell you Yeah, I ll tell you all about it, everything you didn t want to know and then I ll tell you Because death is easy, dying s a bitch, but there s worse than both Worse than your tiny little minds could dream ofThere s nothing like being dead to give someone a new purpose in life Cal Leandros has been there, done that, and decided that death just wasn t his style.Now he s back Stuck eight years in the past trying desperately to save his younger self and everyone he cares about and playing a killer game of hide and seek with a godlike lunatic with murderous powers, a hair trigger temper, and a true passion for blood, pain, and death eternal.And unless Cal can keep both his mind and body together without descending into complete soul rending insanity the next time he ends up dead, he s going to stay that way