!Download ♃ Eternities: LitRPG Adventure 2: Revenge of the Pleasure Slave ☺ PDF or E-pub free

!Download ♂ Eternities: LitRPG Adventure 2: Revenge of the Pleasure Slave ♷ Beautiful wild elf Bronwen of the Red Feather is bound by a Blood Debt to the man who saved her life That man just so happens to be Gerrik, the goblin who is trying to convince her that the she isn t really an elf named Bronwen and is actually a human trapped in a video game called Eternities She struggles to reconcile this with her memories of tribal life, but that s the least of her problems In an attempt to rescue one of her tribal sisters, Bronwen has been captured by slavers and is going up for auction alongside the elf she intended to save A crowd of slavering monsters are eager to get their hands on Bronwen s luscious elf flesh for their harems or their dinner tables.Can Bronwen escape the slave auction and exact revenge on the scaleskins, orcs, and deep elves who mistreated her Will Gerrik and his hobgoblin friends rescue her Gerrik and Bronwen continue their adventure together, encountering one foe after another, experiencing steamy pleasures and dangerous distractions, and learningof the secrets of the mysterious Taker This is a thrilling dark fantasy adventure for adults only.