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!Read E-pub ⛄ Pannkakstårtan é Jedes Mal wenn seine Katze Geburtstag hat, backt der alte Pettersson ihr eine Pfannkuchentorte Und er muss oft backen, denn Findus, so heißt der Kater, hat nicht wie jedes normale Tier einmal, sondern gleich dreimal im Jahr Geburtstag Weil das lustiger ist Aber an einem Geburtstag, als Pettersson kein Mehl mehr in der Speisekammer findet und mit dem Rad ins Dorf fahren will, um welches zu kaufen, geht alles schiefWie Findus an diesem Tag doch noch zu seiner Geburtstagstorte kommt und zu Kaffee und Wiener Walzer auf dem Grammofon dazudas wird erst im Bilderbuch verraten The people in town think Pettson is crazy But it really was all a misunderstanding on a day when Pettson was trying to make a birthday cake for his cat, Findus, and everything went wrong A humorous story with a quirky cat and his quirky owner as the characters Includes a recipe for Pettson's pancakes. The colorful and detailed illustrations add their own layer of fun to this comedy of errors as Pettson tries to make a birthday cake out of pancakes and whipped cream for his cat, Findus Delightful and amusing! If Pettson, P, is to make a pancake pie, then P must buy flour.If P is to buy flour, then P must cycle to town.If P is to use a cycle C, then C's tires must be intact.If P is to make C's tires intact, then P must obtain a cycle repair kit R.If P is to obtain R, then P must have the key to the toolshed K.If K is in the well W, then P must have a fishing rod F.If F is on the roof, then P must have a ladder L.If L is in the bull B's field, then P must scare away B.If P's neighbor N had known all of the above, then N wouldn't necessarily have thought P had lost his wits when he saw him playing Jussi Björling records for B on P's windup phonograph.That's logic What do they teach them in schools these days? I thought it was charming I love all the detail in the illustrations and the humorous and unexpected way the story unfolded with regard to gathering the ingredients for the pancakes Lots of fun little details in the illustrations that enhance the story.