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@DOWNLOAD E-PUB º Edge Of Darkness õ Edge of darkness is a mystery thriller laced with humor Lieutenant Navarro is known for his corny jokes and cheap cigars he s an easy going fella and likeable, but his latest case is really putting a damper on his sense of humoron his life Lieutenant Navarro knows who the killer is who s stalking his streets in Philadelphia, but he s damned if he can prove it It s just one of his gut instincts he s got absolutely no proof, no evidence, no clues not even the circumstantial garbage the DA loves to throw away in the trashHis life is being haunted by the sick maniac that he d love to throw behind steel bars, but when he thinks he finally has a solution to capture the killer and his nightmares are over, he s dead wrong His problems are just beginning because Alicia, the girlfriend of the latest victim, begins to suspect Navarro is the murderer Trying desperately to prove he s not, he makes mistakes that actually incriminate him Suddenly suspicion is cast upon Navarro and the Internal Affairs Division is on him like a hungry pack of wolves Everything snowballs out of controlNavarro has to prove his innocence before he s thrown into the slammer for murder He has no room for mistakes But he keeps making them, and the real killer is getting away with murder, literally