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As title suggest very simple and easy to understand Quick reference for dsm codes and diagnostic criteria Not for someone who is looking for in depth review or discussion of diagnoses. Good product. One of my favourite Was not a fan of this book.Large chunks of material ignored.Difficult to find sections you want to read. Got the kindle version, is okay Clear and concise Found the spectrum explanations refreshing easily understood. This book serves as an entry level to familiarize with psychiatric terms, however, it is wordy and repetitive Author tends to use complex English words, requiring looking up the dictionary, and subsequent loss of thread Although, it is intended to be simple While this should address DSM 5, the author deliberately categories ADHD along course of OCD being two ends of focus spectrum, which DSM 5 didn t. &E-pub ↠ DSM-5 Insanely Simplified: Unlocking the Spectrums within DSM-5 and ICD-10 ↞ The release of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual VersionDSMmarked one of the biggest changes to the field of mental health diagnosis in overyears DSMInsanely Simplified provides a summary of key concepts of the new diagnostic schema including a section on using ICDDSMInsanely Simplified utilizes a variety of devices to help clinicians memorize complex criteria and ideas about the different diagnoses Cartoons, mnemonic devices, and summary tables allow clinicians and students to quickly grasp and retain broad concepts and subtle nuances related to psychiatric diagnosis DSMInsanely Simplified fosters quick mastery of the most important concepts introduced in DSMwhile offering an entirely new way of looking at mental health along a continuum This new approach avoids simply labeling clients, but rather places their symptoms along spectrums that range from normal to problematic Mental health professionals as well as laymen interested in a deeper understanding of emotional well being will appreciate the synthesis of theoretical psychology and modern diagnosis Dr Steven Buser has taught principles of psychiatric diagnosis to medical students as well as psychiatry residents His effort to provide an easy to remember schema led him to develop the idea of diagnoses along a spectrum long before DSMintroduced this concept DSMInsanely Simplified borrowed heavily from Dr Buser s earlier efforts while making sure to incorporate specific changes that characterize the DSMIn addition to his current practice in addiction psychiatry, Dr Buser is the Publisher of Chiron Publications and is the co founder of the Asheville Jung Center Dr Len Cruz has been editing and writing for years In collaboration with Dr Buser, he wrote the manuscript for DSMInsanely Simplified He admits that over the years his tastes progressed from Archie Comics and Mad Magazine to Freud for Beginners Naturally, the opportunity to co author a serious book on DSMand ICDutilizing cartoons was irresistible In addition to his practice of psychiatry, Dr Cruz is the Editor in Chief of Chiron Publications and is the co founder of the Asheville Jung Center Luke Sloan was a th grade student in Asheville, NC when he completed the illustrations for this book When he s not drawing, Luke enjoys playing soccer, reading books, snow skiing, and just plain having fun innerQuest is a division of Chiron Publications ChironPublications innerQuestBooks DSMis a registered trademark of the American Psychiatric Association APA The APA did not participate in the preparation of this book Loved that I could easily understand the language and the visual representation of the lotus Very well written Learned a lot. It gave the info I was expecting, though, the book is extremely short..I was left wanting.