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As I was going up the stairI meet a man who wasn t there He wasn t there again today I wish, I wish he d stay away.Well, what a ride that was Rating this book was quite hard I m still not sure if I m okay with giving it 3 stars, because it had so many good characters, parts and plot twists, so one part of me feels like giving it 5 stars But then again, at some parts, it left me feeling miserable and asking myself if I was ever going to finish it, so because of that, the other part of me think that it deserves only 2 stars So I guess I ll just have to settle and give it 3 3.3 stars But still, I don t think I ve ever wished that Goodreads had a half star system, as much as I do now Dreamcatcher is a book about alien invasion, but it s unlike any other alien invasion book Also, it is unlike any other Stephen King s book that I ve read The book started out great I actually loved the first half I loved getting to know our main characters, I loved the plot, and I loved how King introduced aliens There were even some scenes that creeped me out, and at some parts I even had to stop reading for a few seconds But then, somewhere in the middle, something happened, and the book unfortunately got worse It started dragging on and at some parts it became flat out boring Then, maybe 50 pages before the end, the pace picked up again, and it got back to being amazing I absolutely loved the way it ended, and how everything came together.When it comes to characters, just like in any other King s work, they were my favorite part of this book well, at least some of them were I loved our main four characters Henry and Jonesy especially I also loved Duddits, and even Owen But, on the other hand, there is Kurtz a character I absolutely despised And he is the main reason why I had problems with this book I think that his character was completely unnecessary I loved reading from everyone s point of view except from his And the irony was that his chapters got bigger and bigger as the book went on In my opinion, he brought nothing to the story, and was only there to make it longer If his character was removed from the story I don t think that anything important in the plot would change.In the end, even though this book made me question my sanity a few times, I m still glad that I ve read it Even though it had some bad parts, it also had so many amazing parts. Let me say at the outset I am a HUGE Stephen King fan, and I ve read all the novels and short stories, as well as his rather wonderful books on writing.Unfortunately, Dreamcatcher is a bloated, vacuous, dreadful piece of self indulgence that mostly goes to show that King has apparently gotten so famous that no one dares edit him or tell him that he s written a bad book.The pointless repetition in this door stop of a novel is staggering beyond belief and, ultimately, stultifying as well King beats you over the head with his 7th grade brand of peepee caca humor I presume it s supposed to be funny, if you think scores of pages with people reacting to fetid flatulence is funny until you re ready to join forces with Tipper Gore He gives his main characters an annoying set of catch phrases meant to be all down homey Maine that they say over and over and over and over and over like verbal tics until they sound like mental defectives He needlessly involutes the plot, requiring the reader to go back and forth in time which must have seemed like a nifty device at some point in the writing, but which is ultimately just a nightmare and not the good kind of padding and disorganization.Since I also love or have loved the potboilers of Grisham, Crichton, et al., I note an increasing trend among these writers case in point Tom Clancy s tumid Sum of All Fears to write obese and flabby novels high cholesterol plot, no unneeded fiber such as character development that all but completely ignore the reader and keep winking ingratiatingly at the screenwriter over your shoulder Personally, I m a little sick of it.Thankfully, you don t have to give up good writing in order to enjoy action oriented, heavily plotted suspense fiction consider the truly wonderful series of carefully constructed books by Lincoln Child and Douglas Preston or Dan Brown s DaVinci Code.Meanwhile, I m giving this book one star because that s the lowest rating you can give in reality, it shouldn t even show up on the scale. so I had a dream last night where Graham and Brian and Steve and I were all back in Seattle, and it was like it was before, four friends who were different from each other but still really connected, like brothers, and we were having adventures and serious talks and stupid talks and good times and bad times and it was all just so sweet and real, like things had never changed of course things change and these are still my friends, but change is change and so Brian and Steve still aren t talking when they should both be bonding as fathers and leaders in their fields and as men, but change happens and now they can barely be in the same room together and Graham I still love him of course, I still love all of them, but I can t even remember the last time I saw Graham these days I feel closer to Dave and to Jill, which is odd to consider because honestly back in the day they felt like satellites of the four of us oh the small little tragedies and realities of life, the changes and the sweet memories and the never going back.so there s a book called Dreamcatcher and it is about four friends and their histories together and the long times apart and their annual hunting trip four great friends who were different from each other but still really connected, like brothers four friends who grew up together four individuals who are deeply characterized like they are all people the author knows, or maybe all different pieces of the author himself, made separate or maybe both are true it is easy to see your friends as a kind of extension of yourself, different but similar, four different sides of a square that is still one basic shape, one thing.Dreamcatcher is not just about those friends but I sort of wish it had been it is Stephen King s second version of an Aliens Attack story and there is a lot to enjoy and speculate about, the telepathy and the strange forms that the aliens take and the government overreaction and spores and infections and two hilariously over the top villains King is a great writer, he can craft a solid, fast paced narrative and turn it into a great big tome without making it feel especially bloated I like a thrilling adventure filled with horror and action, sure but I really wanted to read about those four friends and their lives together and apart when one died it felt much too soon because I totally got him and yet there was still so much to see then when another died I felt genuinely sad and not even because of the death itself, which made narrative sense but because now there was a second story, a second life, that was all finished up in the book and that I still wanted to go on King s humanism and his skill at giving you characters who the reader can implicitly, deeply understand almost works against him in Dreamcatcher, at least for me I found myself wishing that this was a different book, one that wasn t a novel about an alien invasion but was instead all about these four friends, their histories and their futures, their annual hunting trips where they could be their true selves I wanted all of that instead of aliens.still, good book and the cover is awesome, meaningful even Sigh You ready Let s get this over with.With Dreamcatcher, Stephen King tried to recapture the magic of It while simultaneously making up for the shithouse rat that was The Tommyknockers He attempted this feat while recovering from a horrible accident wherein he was turned into a mixture of speed bump and pretzel Whatever King wrote during this time would have been utter crap, trust me Pain dulls the creative process This is why the most prolific creative persons are normally addicts of some kind It s hard to access your imagination when parts of you are throbbing like a goddamn strobe light Drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, and even coffee, are wonderfully liberating And who of us isn t hurting in some way Should I cut King some slack because of all that Well, I ll answer your one part question with a two part question Just because you write something to completion, does that mean it should be published Does completion alone demand that the world have access to it Dreamcatcher should have been trunked I know it You know it King knows it There are 200 pages of fart jokes 200 pages I m all for vulgar humor, but there s only so long one person can listen to an Andrew Dice Clay standup special After so long, it ceases to be funny due to repetition I get it Farts are funny Move on I actually don t mind the shit weasels They made sense to me It s the easiest exit view spoiler The Beav choosing a toothpick over his safety will always be one of the stupidest character motivations I ve read That part pisses me off, especially since Beaver is one of the only likable characters in the book Which brings me to another reason this book fails so miserably hide spoiler Sorry sorry sorry but I just couldnt get thru this story and didn t get to liking it Should I try again Nah, too many good books waiting for me Haven t gone past 40 pages or so Maybe when the movie is on tv I ll try it again. I have read this a few times now and I think that the older I get, the I see and get out of this book While it s definitely true that King is repeating some themes and tropes from his previous books, I think that the relationships and the connections depicted here are some of the most touching, at least in my mind I love the way that King can bring forth such strong emotions in me There were times when I literally had to set this book down because I couldn t see for crying and those are some of the most mundane sections of the book The introduction of Duddits both hurt and restored my faith in humanity The cruelty in that scene, and the way that it was stood up against, both brought me to tears In fact, just about every scene containing Duddits brought me to tears this time around Because he s just so innocent and it hurts me to see him hurt even if that hurting is just missing someone I think that this has a lot to do with the changes in my own life, and how I see certain unfairnesses now, and want to protect against them I m just a big ol softy these days Anyway I think my previous review of this book is likely to be much better than this one I covered a lot of the ground that I would want to talk about already over there But some things stuck out at me this time around such as the concept of rape, what constitutes rape, and especially of how men deal with rape It s interesting to me how public opinion of this has shifted in recent years It used to be that the concept of male rape was inconceivable Men couldn t be raped End of story But here, we have two different men use the term rape to describe the violation of their minds, and both times it s just kind of glossed over and the method of dealing with it is to ignore it and pretend that it didn t happen Which is, of course, supremely unhealthy and terrible advice The first time, it s mentioned out loud to another man, who tells him to let it go as though a violation of that kind is something that one should not even acknowledge had happened, as if it s an invalid feeling to have about such an event The second time, it s the victim himself who internally feels that there were times when he thought he might be the only man on earth who truly understood what it was to be raped And that some things were better forgotten This one is both understandable and incredibly condescending at the same time to me What he d gone through is absolutely rape, even though there was no sex involved His body and his mind had been violated in the most intimate and horrific way and he could not stop it from happening The part that bothers me though is the assumption that he s the only one to understand what it feels like Because, while I know that there were no other cases exactly like his he was in fact NOT the only one to have been violated in that way, and he KNOWS he was not He witnessed and was present for all of the other cases that happened in the book as well But this assumption that he s the only one diminishes the violation of others In a way, all telepathy is a violation, right It s an invasion of our right to privacy So technically, everyone who had their minds read in this book was violated raped, if you will Yet this one character feels like he s the only one I can understand, because in the context of this book, he was special but he was far from the only one, and I think, were he to see the broader implications of what happened, and what could have happened, not just in the life or death sense, he would have a better understanding and a bit empathy for others, and it might help him deal with it better But that s just me and my bleeding heart going off again Anyway, that s one nitpick I have about this book Another is that it does drag a bit in the back half, and the chase goes on for a bit too long before the final resolution Prepare to engage enemy bogey s airspeed not sufficient for intercept Suggest we get out and walk Air Force PilotOther than that, I think that there s a lot to like about this book I would suggest having something of a strong stomach though It can get a little squicky. For all those people who call this a shitweasle of a novel, I would like like point out that it does exactly what it sets out to do Maybe the usual King fan comes to the chopping block expecting nothing but detailed flawed characters and some rather heartwrenching stuff before a paranormal beastie chomps down.But I would like to posit that SK IS a fan of Science Fiction Sure, a few of his SF tales like Lawnmower Man and Tommyknockers might not get the love that they deserve, but remember, he also wrote that little epic called the Dark Tower So let s break this down a bit We literally get to the heart of the novel through our guts at the beginning, Shitweasels and all, playing on all the paranoid fantasies of um SO MANY PEOPLE by bringing in anal probing aliens With a particularly gross twist, thank you very much, Mr King And then we get into the whole telepathy thing, the Aliens type setup, and even a Theodore Sturgeon More Than Human homage with a very special special person holding this group of old friends together.For the longest time I got the idea that it was kinda a Tommyknockers part 2, but then I laughed aloud when we got a massive direct reference to the boys and girl from IT, including Pennywise, and then I started seeing a lot combined references to all his other novels As per usual, but nicely solid and world buildy In the end, I m frankly rather amazed at what King pulls off here Massive military action, chases, alien invasions and spore people and shitweasles and , we even get a Battle For Your Mind Dreamcatcher, indeed What is this book A traditional horror as per usual Nope This is a great mashup that builds on the full Crimson King mythology, thank you very much Pretty hardcore, too So why does it get a lot of hate Parts are juvenile and crass and other parts are free range weird But I like both on ocassion, so this is something I can snuggle up to ahem or stay on the pot with. *READ KINDLE ↛ Dreamcatcher ⇲ Once upon a time, in the haunted city of Derry, four boys stood together and did a brave thing It was something that changed them in ways they could never begin to understandTwenty five years after saving a Down s syndrome kid from bullies, Beav, Henry, Pete, and Jonesy now men with separate lives and separate problems reunite in the woods of Maine for their annual hunting trip But when a stranger stumbles into their camp, disoriented and mumbling something about lights in the sky, chaos erupts Soon, the four friends are plunged into a horrifying struggle with a creature from another world where their only chance of survival is locked in their shared past and in the Dreamcatcher Stephen King is a good writer While I personally don t consider him one of the greats when it comes to horror, and his works are often contemporary revamps of earlier classic stories, it can t be denied that he is one of the most important figures in bringing the horror genre into the mainstream and portraying cynically accurate and powerful portrayals of American nostalgia Dreamcatcher, thoughI had almost thought that it was intentionally bad I ve read most of King s works, and I would consider this among his worst by far Let s be fair to the guy what writer doesn t have a few low points It s worth mentioning that King had also written Dreamcatcher not long after a near fatal car accident, an event which henceforth shaped much of his writing, especially this book and his TV miniseries Kingdom Hospital I still think King is a good writer who has written some truly unforgettable stuff but Dreamcatcher No, just no.This bizarre sci fi fantasy almost seems to be a parody of King s own tropes and cliches, from being set in the same fictional Maine small town he invented, to having flashbacks of boyhood nostalgia and once again an epic friendship reunion Much like King s giant novel It, Dreamcatcher pushes boundaries where shock value abounds, taking a step away from the supernatural family dramas like Pet Sematary and The Shining into the territory of aliens, government plots and psychic powers This in itself is not a bad thing although it s not particularly scary and comes off as silly than anything else What makes Dreamcatcher one of my least favourite King novels is that it actually tries to take these ideas seriously It s also full of vulgarity and bathroom humour, which pushes the envelope far beyond King s typical swear words scattered here and there, going full on into incessant bodily function jokes, toilet jokes and belching jokes King has always had a couple of these let s piss off the conservative parents things in his books, such as bringing up the topic of menstruation in Carrie, or the infamous sewer orgy scene in It, but there was always some context there, it pertained to the plot in some way, and King knew how to balance those scenes out Dreamcatcher is not edgy or innovative It s extremely disgusting and juvenile, and from a special needs boy being made to eat dog droppings, to an old man being pregnant on the toilet with an alien parasite, there s just no end to it Anything timeless or endearing from King s other books is almost entirely absent here, and again, it s not scary Memo to King, there s a huge difference between being scary and just being gross.Perhaps the vulgar humour and constant gross out scenes could have been balanced out had the protagonists been likeable, but they re not even memorable, let alone likeable It s the same close knit gang of nerdy junior high boys, a much less interesting version of the Loser s Club from It who have since aged into adults not that you d know it, seeing as their love for dick jokes and sex comments seems to be developmentally arrested at the mental age of 12 As far as protagonists go, they aren t bad , but they re all boring tropes, not to mention that they are all obnoxious and horribly annoying There s nothing in there to make the reader care about them as characters, beyond the fact that they once helped out a disabled kid in a bullying incident Even this moment is written in such a way that it s unclear whether it s meant to be humorous, or just cruel All in all, I don t think I ll ever be reading Dreamcatcher again It s a book that highlights all the ugliest and most mean spirited aspects of humanity, its humour is immature, disgusting and stupid, its characters are easily forgettable and the plot is all over the place I m not exactly sure what King s intention was by writing this book It appears that he was trying to move away from supernatural fantasy into sci fi and dystopian during this particular period of his writing Good for him, but Dreamcatcher is well, it speaks for itself It was also made into an even weirder feature film in the early 2000 s starring Morgan Freeman The film equally has a bad reputation. Not my favourite Stephen King book, by any stretch of the imagination, but still a brilliant story The character of Duddits broke my heart, rarely do I cry when reading a book, but numerous times I had to stop reading because I felt overwhelmed At times I did feel like the book was a tad long, and the story could have been shorter However, when you re reading Stephen King, it is still a joy to read his words, even if overdone Such a touching story around the theme of friendship.