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not a very good novel @Book ò Down to a Sunless Sea ê Depth Wriggling like an eel, he forced himself up into the narrow gap he d createdRocks scraped and clattered away A hint of doubt Should I be doing this was answered by the calm comfort that pervaded his mind now Nothing was going to happenEverything was going to be all rightWelcome to the most dangerous sport on Earth where cave divers step into murky Florida ponds and end up hundreds of feet beneath the ground, slinking through Swiss cheese like rock formations, past strange underground creatures, heading down tunnels that may open into caverns, or lead nowhere at allOpen water diver and ex Navy SEAL Tiller Galloway has come to this watery underworld to find out why an old friend died young and take one last shot at being a father, a lover, and a friend But with a woman who is opening up her heart, and a conspiracy closing in around him, Galloway must navigate between lies told aboveground and truths hidden in the depths where a violent battle is about to explodeCombining the knife edged action of Clive Cussler with the heartstopping storytelling power of John D MacDonald, David Poyer stakes his claim as one of America s most remarkable thriller writers and a master of underwater suspense I started it, but just couldn t get past the bad language. Great cave diving adventure. Of all the Tiller Galloway books this book is my least favorite It is well written, pounding action, and great diving sections As a scuba diver, I can assure you the cave diving descriptions are very accurate They are also scary as hell You would never catch me cave diving. Good book Never want to go cave diving.