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Twins and Internet dating.Too simple, boring.Concept is good, execution isn t. Incredibly cheesy Cute mystery romance about identical twins that have polar opposite personalities. {Ebook} ⚽ Double Date Ö Nan Tatum has had it with the singles scene That s why she decides to enroll in MySoulmate, an online dating service, and let Mr Right come to her But all that her vital stats seem to pull in are men named Lou short for loser Meanwhile, her regular, blah, ordinary sister Bert has no trouble attracting men, including Nan s ex beau Inspired, Nan decides to pass herself off as Bert online and hits a bullseye in the form of dashing graphic designer Derek Stanhope But just after their first face to face meeting, he s found in his driveway with a bullet through his heart When the police investigation uncovers several e mails from a Bert Tatum, Nan s online ruse becomes a double date with a murder charge With little to go on than a few loose clues locked in cyberspace, Nan and a very resentful Bert must unmask the person who had such dangerous designs on Stanhope And it isn t long before the identical sleuths discover that they ve been looking for love and a killer in all the wrong places, a move that has put them in serious double jeopardy BOOK JACKET