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^DOWNLOAD E-PUB ↟ Dorm Room Bimbo (Transformation Mind Control Erotica) ⇹ Brooke was a self described nerd She spent all of her time at college studying and never taking advantage of the social opportunities available That is until one Friday night when Jimmy invites her to a small gathering in his dorm roomAfter a night of drinking, Brooke wakes up to find that something is very wrong She all of a sudden finds that her body has transformed into that of a busty bimbo Not knowing what had happened, Brooke confronts Jimmy and learns that he had drugged her drinks with a special mixer that turns women into bimbos The only problem was that Brooke did not get a full dose She needed one drink to make the changes complete and permanentHowever, Brooke soon finds herself with a dilemma There is an antidote that would turn her back to her old self, or she can have the third drink and complete her transformation The problem is that Brooke has learned of the immense sexual pleasure that her body can bring her and she is not sure she wants to give it up Will Brooke choose to go back to being her nerdy self, or will she choose the life of a dorm room bimbo, bouncing between rooms and sharing her body with whoever wants it Dorm Room Bimbo is a , word story that includes bimbo transformation and mind control and contains descriptions of masturbation, oral sex and body alterations This story has strong adult content and should not be viewed by anyone under the age ofAll characters found in the following story areor older