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(FREE BOOK) à Dominoes: Part 1 Ø In the novel, Dominoes, Horace Pitts is accused of attempted kidnapping when he tries to catch a glimpse of Laney Branson O Brien, a child he fathered through sperm donation At the same time, Ardina Rinoldi hatches a plot to kidnap Laney s older brother a baby she gave up for adoption seven years earlier Eventually, Horace learns that what we believe is not necessarily true when his friend Dennis allegedly commits suicide after admitting to Lieutenant Joe Maurin Horace s brother in law that he broke confidentiality by providing Horace with information about Laney Meanwhile, Ardina stalks the Branson O Briens in the Nevada County fairgrounds during a bluegrass festival hoping for an opportunity to snatch their adopted son, Will But, elsewhere in Grass Valley, Horace s wife, Sally, succumbs to a mental breakdown and is hospitalized only to be overdosed with haloperidol which sends her into a coma You ll be left to draw many of your own conclusions as this novel twists and turns its way to the end All characters in this novel are fictional, so any similarity to a real person is completely coincidental, and the address numbers used do not actually exist Please note that all but the ending pages of this book were written in , and the novel was copyrighted before the Supreme Court overruled California s Proposition , therefore references to California s marriage laws reflect conditions during the time period between the passage of Propositionand the Supreme Court s recent ruling