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`Read E-pub ç Disposal of Weapon Plutonium: Approaches and Prospects ì This NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Disposal of Weapons Plutonium is a follow up event to two preceding workshops, each dealing with a special subject within the overall disarmament issue Disposition of Weapon Plutonium , sponsored by the NATO Science Committee The first workshop of this series was held at the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London on January , entitled Managing the Plutonium Surplus, Applications, and Options Its over all goal was to clarify the current situation with respect to pluto nium characteristics and availability, the technical options for use or disposal, and their main technical, environmental, and economic constraints In the immediate term, plutonium recovered from dismantled nuclear warheads will have to be stored securely, and under international safeguards if possible In the intermediate term, the principal alter natives for disposition of this plutonium are irradiation in mixed oxide MOX fuel assemblies in existing commercial light water reac tors or in specially adapted light water reactors capable of operation with full cores of MOX fueld irradiation in future fast reactors Another option is to blend plutonium with high level waste as it is vitrified for final disposal in a geologic repository In both cases, the high radioactivity of the resulting products provides self shielding and prevents separation of plutonium without already developed and available sophisticated technology The so called spent fuel standard as an effective protection barrier is quired in either case