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[[ Ebook ]] ☔ Dirty Hot Stepbrother Part Two ↛ DEVONA year ago, everything crashed and burned with James He broke my heart, turned me into a different person Now, I m just trying to get by at school, have fun and not get into too much trouble Then suddenly, James is back Like always, he comes crashing into my life like a twister, too hot to resist and too wild to handle But this time, I ve got my guards up I won t let myself fall for him again Not for my dirty hot stepbrother But hell maybe I will JAMESI m a b ard I broke Devon s heart a year ago and I don t deserve him But when life gives you a second chance, you gotta f ing take it, right Devon has hid guards up I should resist him But after all this time, he s tempting than ever and I want him so bad it hurts After everything I did to him, can I ever be with him again Or am I too afraid of the way I feel about him One thing is for sure This dirty hot stepbrother of mine it ain t gonna be easy to stay away from him THIS IS PART TWO OF A TWO PART STORY EACH PART IS OVERPAGES LONG AND THE STORY HAS A HAPPY ENDING THIS TITLE CONTAINS EXPLICIT CONTENT THAT IS MEANT FOR MATURE READERS ONLY THANK YOU