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#Read Pdf Ä Diary of a Domestique ¿ January ,As the st Century wanes, the world has entered a new Golden Age From the ashes of the financial, environmental, and military apocalypse ofrose a new social structure around the world The cynical called it The End of Men The open minded simply called it The New Beginning , years of patriarchy was ended and a matriarchy formed Recovering from the desolation required new ideas and different schools of thought Each sex recognized where their true talents and desires lay and embraced those roles The pendulum swung, farther and farther, and the Golden Age bloomedMichael Bridges has reached his th birthday and been graded as the first perfect Class AAA Domestique in history He has been trained for ten long years to learn the art of pleasing women and fulfilling their desires, whatever they may be Today, his contract will be auctioned off and the only question is which woman of wealth and power will win his services Many will covet his prodigious skills and abilities, but only one will win his contract and be his Mistress for the next ten wonderful years of her life