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&Read Book ⇱ Devi : Volume 6 of 20 - Samsara ✓ Agantuk goes to the Cabinet of Shadows, a group battling for the right of man to lead their own lives without affect from gods or demons he is their agent within the Durapasya He speaks with them about the Devi situation She has been unseen for a month and Kratha escaped the night after captureHe is then introduced to another of the Cabinet s agents One within the Darinde, the followers of Bala Amara Gaelle She speaks of her efforts to find the source, a vessel that contains a millennia of unanswered prayers, which would have immeasurable power if unleashed A plan is concocted to extract it, but Agantuk receives a call that Iyam has escapedElsewhere, Tara awakes in Rahul s apartment and is told that she has spent the last month in the mogue so she would be safe She has no memory of this, but Rahul says she caused strange things to happen while there The two are transported to a woman who was praying for help from Devi as she is being attacked Unable to call on her powers, the Devi entity takes control and dispatches with the men After which they are transported back to Rahul s apartemnt and Tara is very distraught about her condition, and gets up to leave