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^Free Pdf ☠ Defining Deception: Freeing the Church from the Mystical-Miracle Movement ⇻ To their credit, Hinn and Wood make an evenhanded examination of the strange phenomena and distinctive doctrines currently emanating from Bethel and coursing through the charismatic community This is a well written, well documented, honest, careful, courageous, and biblically sound look at a worldwide movement that threatens to reshape and redefine Christianity What Hinn and Wood have given us is an invaluable resource that could well prove to be one of the most important books of the decade Dr John F MacArthur Pastor Teacher of Grace Community Church, Sun Valley, California, President of The Masters University and Seminary, and President of Grace to You As a new Christian, I spent nearly a decade in the Mystical Miracle Move ment I saw firsthand the false teachings, deception, and harm that this movement has wrought I am very grateful that Costi Hinn and Anthony Wood have written this work, exposing the teachers and teachings of the Mystical Miracle movement What they say is spot on In a day when the churchs discernment is at a historical low, this book is much needed Dr Michael Vlach Professor of Theology, The Masters Seminary, Sun Valley, California The truth has hard edges Even when two caring shepherds speak it in love, sometimes it still stings For those who are quick to high five any who say I love Jesus a book like this may be an uncomfortable read But its important Defining Deception will do the crucial work of tracing the background, identifying the key players, and explaining the damage that the latest wave of sign seeking is doing to the Christs Church Hinn and Wood have provided a valuable resource in this timely work I encourage you get a copy for yourself and for any you know who are being lured into this so called Apostolic Reformation Dr Mike Fabarez Pastor of Compass Bible Church, Aliso Viejo, California I was reared in the Pentecostal Charismatic movement I came to a knowledge of Jesus and basic Bible truths through the teaching of my parents, and godly teachers in my church But not all Pentecostals and Charismatic share the same emphases The authors ofDefining Deception Freeing the Church from the Mystical Miracle Movementtake care to distinguish standard Pentecostalism from the extreme miracle movements of Word Faith and Third Wave Charismatic movements Whereas historic Pentecostalism, for the most part, has adhered to orthodox Christianity, new Charismatic preachers and churches often deviate from the Bible in the teachings regarding the biblical doctrines of revelation, God, Jesus, and salvation Leaders of the Word Faith Movement and the Third Wave tend to emphasize subjective experience, rather than theology, money rather than people, and deceit rather than transparency Hinn and Wood carefully and irenically expose false teachers and false doctrines and deceptive methods, but with due concern for accuracy and thoroughness, and explain well the difference between the nature of biblical miracles with the tricks and illusions of the signs and wonders teaching and teachers This book will help persons who find themselves in the miracles movement, and provide a rationale for them to develop abiblical teaching on miracles and relationship with Jesus Dr H Hershel Wayne House Vice President of Academic Affairs and Distinguished Professor of Theology, Law, and Culture, Faith International University, Faith Seminary, Tacoma, Washington Im sure Defining Deception was not an easy book for the authors to write Its never easy to expose error without doing so in brush strokes that are too broad Hinn and Wood are not diminishing the influence of the Pentecostalism around the world Indeed, there are places that if Pentecostal assemblies were not present, there would be no gospel of any kind present What the authors strive to do is identify the bad apples in the barrel, those who have taken a deliberate leap into theological error and practice Those who have twisted beyond recognition the pure Word of God Their task is not an enviable one, but the outcome has been worth the risk Dr Woodrow Kroll Former President and Senior Bible Teacher for Back to the Bible When false teaching crept into the church, Jude laid aside his desire to write about the churchs common salvation in order to expose and oppose false teachers In Defining Deception Costi Hinn and Anthony Wood have done the same Pulling no punches, Hinn and Wood have written a well documented book that warns the church of the dangers of New Apostolic Reformation NAR , a sprawling movement that is rife with false miracles and abuses of the Bible For Christians unfamiliar with the origin, extent, and teaching of NAR, this book provides a theological history and a biblically grounded refutation It is a timely book that counters a pervasive form of false teaching today May the Lord use Defining Deception to guard the true apostolic faith, rescue sheep ensnared by false teaching, and build up the church of Jesus Christ Dr David Schrock Adjunct Professor of Systematic Theology, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky, and Pastor of Preaching and Theology, Occoquan Bible Church, Woodbridge, Virginia There is nothing new under the sun Many times current untruths are nothingthan old repackaged heresies and Anthony Wood and Costi Hinn do a marvelous job of reaching into the spirit of our age and pulling us back to biblical boundaries Im thankful theyve handled such a sensitive topic and helped us love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength Mark Lee Lead Pastor of VantagePoint Church, Eastvale, California Words cannot express the enthusiasm I have for this book Hundreds of millions of professing believers have been deceived by the soul destroying heresies of the Word Faith New Apostolic Reformation movement False teachers like Benny Hinn, Bill Johnson and others like them, past and present, have claimed false visions, uttered false prophecies, promoted fake miracles and have exploited the poor, the sick, the desperate and the widows for decades Worst of all is that these wolves have distorted the very Gospel itself and sullied the name of Jesus Christ I am profoundly grateful for this excellent resource given to us by Costi Hinn and Anthony Wood Defining Deception will not only help you to understand the deadly dangers of this movement, it will also equip you to speak the truth in love Eph to those trapped in it and, by God s grace, see them delivered by truth I joyfully commend this work to you Justin Peters Evangelist, Author of Clouds Without Water There is no question that the church today is at a loss in explaining the existence and veracity of the modern charismatic movement In Defining Deception Freeing the Church from the Mystical miracle Movement, Costi W Hinn and Anthony G Wood have helped us understand this movement from the inside These are men who experience the errors from within and now are speaking out against it Their explanation is thorough, lucid, and charitable In their winsome way, they help the believer come to grips with the dangers of the movement and the importance of Biblical literacy in the life of the church In addition, their application to a contemporary church makes the lessons in the book practical and applicable I learned much from these authors and recommend it as a source both in comprehending the movement and in helping others avoid it and even come out of it Dr Alex Montoya Pastor of First Fundamental Bible Church, Whittier, California InChronicles, when the glory of God filled the temple in a cloud, the priests could not stand and minister nor could they enter They ra ther fell on their faces in reference Yet Bethel Church in Redding, CA, regularly boasts that God visits them in glory clouds gold glitter that falls from the ceiling during their worship services which they dance in and take pictures of Worse than fooling people with their charismatic fakery is Bethel s false teaching, leading many astray from the sound words of our Lord Christ Costi Hinn and Anthony Wood have done a judicious job with this book, not just alerting readers to the latest stream of char ismaticism but educating about its earliest influences They are pastoral and needfully direct, all in keeping with the command to hold firm to the trustworthy word as taught, and rebuke those who contradict it Ti tus Gabriel Hughes Voice and creator, When We Understand the Text WWUTT Costi Hinn and Anthony Wood are committed to exposing deceptions surrounding the modern mystical miracle movement Both have written and spoken extensively on the matter, describing it as, Attempting to corrupt the evangelical church from the inside Costi is the nephew of notorious faith healer Benny Hinn and grew up entrenched within the inner circle of greed and chicanery Anthony founded a , person weekly ministry to college students and participated in conferences and television specials by infamous televangelists These unique backgrounds inspire each mans holy zeal for people to know the dangers involved with false teaching and false promises Hinns testimony and response to The Prosperity Gospel have recently been featured on CNN and Christianity Today Woods posts on modern faith forgeries have been read by hundreds of thousands Hinn and Wood are humbled to share the story of how God rescued them out of the growing miracle mystical movement and have a deep passion to help modern evangelicalism experience the life saving faith provided in the pure and simple teaching of Holy Scripture