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Even though, DARKEST HOUR, had some of my favorite themes in reading darker erotica with an edge, J.W McKenna s portrayal of abduction, non con and training for sex slavery, just did not cut it for me I never felt the emotions described for each character and the plot seemed liked others I have read The ending was too easy, with what should have been complicated and interesting just unremarkable to rush to an unsatisfied HEA. predictable ending but still enjoyed Not very goodI wouldn t waste my time on this book Although it had its moments the characters weren t developed and the authors thoughts not followed thru MasterI did like this book it was written very well It did get under my skin But then came the happy ending and I was very relieved Great job J.W. |Download Book ♹ Darkest Hour ♫ Ellie Martinson awakes to a nightmare of terror She is naked, chained to the floor in a dungeon, subjected to continuous torment by her silent captor As the days and weeks pass by, it becomes clear to Ellie that she is being trained to be a sex slave She tries to resist, but finds herself being drawn into the lifestyle When she is finally sold to a new master, she is conditioned to obey and allows herself to be used and degraded without complaint But hope appears in the form of her new master s son, an ex Marine who is visiting his father She begins to reawaken her old self and finds he s responding to her as well But he s reluctant to defy his father Can love flower under such impossible circumstances Reader Advisory This story contains extreme subject matter kidnapping, coercion