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Daniel is anything but ordinary He lives with his long dead great grandmotherwho haunts the attic, his dead father who haunts another part of the house, and 3 brownies, Abbygail being the only one with a name.On his 13th birthday, his grandmother informs him that he is to be tested While he has no idea why, he obeys and heads off for the mysterious test.He remembers the advice of his not to eat any of the food and completes the test He then receives a medallion. The medallion is a blessing and a curse It says that he has a special kind of magic, but it also says that he is dangerous.  So, he says goodbye to the brownies and heads off to an unknown school. Little does he know where he is going.  What follows is his entire education process at the hands of an ancient witch who has been waiting for him a long time.  He learns many things and is well on his way to mastering his trade.It is well written and flows nicely With minimal action, it flows with the same aggressive speed as an action novel   covering many years in one story I liked it very much and am looking forward to reading the sequel. I am volunteering an honest review for the benefit of others. [[ KINDLE ]] ↹ Daniel Scratch: A Story of Witchkind ↟ Thirteen yearold Daniel Scratch has been living along for years since his parents passed, cared for by his home's tiny, elflike brownies and his somehowstillliving greatgreat grandmother But when Grandmother sends him to the village to be Tested, his life turns upside down He's abandoned on a craggy isle, home to the Tower of Endings, and discovers he's to be the next adherent to the Sixth Axis, one of the most powerful magical forces in the world He lives in the Tower for years, learning all the basic magics of witchkind along with the great Seven Forms of his Axis Along the way, learns than he ever thought possible about his people and their society, and their relationships with the far numerous humans of the world His education culminates with an irreversible Choice, thrusting him into a mystery whose resolution will save all of humanity and witchkindor doom them all to chaos and oblivion The story of Daniel Scratch is a fast read and feels like it is the beginning of a series After his parents' untimely death, thirteenyear old Daniel Scratch is trying to make it from one day to the next But when an unexpected quest leads Daniel to the mysterious Tower of Endings, he quickly learns that he has been invited to join the incredibly powerful Sixth Axis From there, Daniel spends years studying the ways of his order, along the way learning the invaluable lesson that, when it comes to humans, little is at it initially appears to be Something that most of us know in the real world and is interesting to see in this mystical world I especially loved the way the author made the story easy to comprehend and broke it into “neat little lessons” with chapters titled by lesson This was a quick read which I was immediately immersed into Daniel’s world and it leaves you wanting forThis could be a new type of Harry Potter series for sure A great author that you should check out if you have not read his work before I look forward to !