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`Read E-pub ⚟ Dangerous Love (Original title: Dangerous Lover) ⛄ Some men are dangerous Justin Storr was such a man ruthless, strong willed, passionate dangerously attractive to womenHe was engaged to a society girl, but little Susan Willowfield, who had been his uncle s secretary, caught his straying eyeFight against it as she might, how could she resist the irresistible the magnetic charm of thisolent, arrogant, lovable man The H was a petty child whose sulky moods and manic happiness actually gave me the fleeting thought that he was bipolar He proudly acknowledged that he occasionally lashed out cruelly at people, and he was NOT kidding.Seriously, don t read this because he behaved cruelly and childishly, and he didn t grovel nearly enough, and because this guy has serious psychological problems that will make the h miserable for the rest of their lives together. For this book being one of the oldest I ve read, I have to say I was pretty impressed Normally the books are really written differently in the 60 s and 70 s but this one originally came out in 68 and stayed true all the way through the book It could be compared to modern books that are now out I quite enjoyed it and getting to know the characters.