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The writing style made me think I definitely enjoyed reading this book and felt the chaos egged me on I felt as confused and lacking as Lark at times, holding on to threads of the story only to see them snap or transform in a way that had me rethinking everything I trusted some characters only to find that was misguided and in the end these characters were shown in true human form, with both dark and shadow clearly evident in every single one of them I give this book 3.5 stars. I could not believe someone who at least attended university could be so well callow It is not a hard read but it is an oddity not sure why I finished it. I found this book difficult The characters are awful Lark was insipid and Tom a piece of work Donna Bird and her father, just mad As a satire on intelligentsia in the 60s, it works, but I just don t think I got it I have read this one several times It is odd and wonderful So well written On one level, a satire of 1960s left wing intellectuals On another, a coming of age novel Also, a play with language, and almost surreal So many ways to see this excellent work of fiction. *READ DOWNLOAD ☄ Dancing On Coral ↶ A college student in Australia in the s dreams of getting away from her eccentric father and practical mother Then she meets an American whom she follows back to his homeland There she finds real adventure, marriage, a child and, finally, a trip to France