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{Download Kindle} Ã Crown of Stars » In the wake of the cataclysm many new alliances are forming even as old ones dissolve As Sanglant struggles to legitimize his own leadership, the Aoi are carrying out random attacks while implicating him as their leader Stronghand has begun a march of conquest into the heart of Sanglant s realm Adelheid and Antonia have made an unholy alliance And Sabella and Duke Conrad are moving to seize Sanglant s crown Cultures, religions, and races are clashing in what will be the ultimate struggle for control of this strange new world. I read through the entire seven books in the Crown of Stars series, and I was very impressed There are a lot of interesting themes intertwined and a great number of characters to keep track of, but each voice is so unique, that I found myself reacting to them differently as individuals There are a lot of spiritual components in each book and a great deal of beautiful Catholic imagery I felt drawn to a wider view of humanity s struggle to know ourselves, our created universe, and our God An epic story all around. There is a total grand zero of stars in this crown.At this point, all you are interested in is whether or not you should invest your reading time into this series The answer is fuck, no Do not even come near Unless you come with a torch burner burning torch I normally avoid profanities but once in a while there comes a book so obscenely bad that nothing except foul words is fitting.If you want to know everything that is wrong with this book, just read this snarky thread I am not going to be going into details here because it would be like wading into a sever Suffice to say, that Crown of Stars is a strong contender for the worst book of the year, very close to The Core of bad writing and Queen of Fire that, ex aequo, won this title the year before It was so bad, I went back and lowered my ratings of the previous intalments It is interesting that all three are supposed to be a grand finale in a series Even interesting that in all three cases the opening entries were so great that I found myself gushing in the reviews All three authors were, however, unable to carry out the fantastic ideas and deliver what had been promised Ms Elliott has fallen the farthest in this respect because her series is the longest and she took the most time writing it If you told me to read the Crown of Stars back to back with King s Dragon, I would not believe that these two belong together The shortcuts taken, the total disregard for the initial arcs, the precarious developments along the way that have nothing in common with the intrigue heralded in the first Prologue, surreptitious execution and elimination of elements that did not fit any you did not deserve that, O Wise Mothers , the hughing of Hugh unforgivable is a cuddly way to describe my feelings Kate Elliott managed not only to destroy both of her protagonists but also her antagonist whose impending and most unpleasant death was one of the few things propelling me onwards The fact that it never happened is just another example of the Author cheating on her readers.Some of my friends dropped the series after the third instalment In the hindsight, I need to admit it was a wise decision Crown of Stars would benefit greatly if somebody edited it heavily, which basically means trimming it down by half at least and amending some of the threads to retain the logic of the main arc Until that happens, do not bother with this series I am adding it to the long list of books I wish someone would rewrite.Also in the series 1 King s Dragon 2 Prince of Dogs 3 The Burning Stone 4 Child of Flame 5 The Gathering Strom 6 In the Ruins For those who don t already know I am not a series reader I like my books fresh rather than familiar, and even a trilogy is a lot of one story for me Half the reason I read this saga is because I enjoy Elliott s work and find it remarkably consistent in quality I tire of authors as quickly as I tire of series, but after a whopping 15 books from her, am still looking forward to the next installment of Black Wolves The other half was just to have the experience of reading a 7 book fantasy series Aside from Harry Potter and Narnia, I believe this was a first.And I was glad to be done with it, because after the third book it started to get stale lovers of long series may feel differently The characters are not really that deep or exciting, and a lot of pages are spent on fairly flat secondaries The plot loses momentum every once in awhile there s a chance to blow everything open and get some real action going, but while it never bogs down like certain other series I read most of the Wheel of Time, okay, can you blame me for not wanting , it just sort of trundles along in the later books, without much sense of danger and urgency and the fate of the world or at least our favorite characters resting on a knife edge, which is what you want in epic fantasy As for this last volume, it isn t bad, but nor was it an edge of the seat read Many of the subplots to which much time was devoted over the course of the series still don t seem essential.The ending itself is decent Not having a definitive resolution to view spoiler the return of the Ashioi hide spoiler Looks like I made it After many months of reading volume after volume, I m done with this series By the end, it felt slightly bloated I wish some storylines had been cut, and yet, oddly enough, the ending felt slightly rushed Still, it was a fantastical journey, a true epic and an amazing series full of characters I loved, got annoyed by and hated I almost threw the book across the room than once in a good way, mostly I developed in jokes with my SO about the book I ll miss having Kate Elliott fantasy to read When is the next novel The ending was mostly satisfying and as sweeping as Elliott is capable of And yet, I find myself frustrated by this book, so much There are things that disappointed me so bad Knowing Kate Elliott s feminism from her other novels, knowing how right she is in her meta on the subject of representation I was terribly disappointed on several counts Spoilers about these issues below the cut view spoiler There was one implied lesbian character She died And there was a joke about her possibly raping women.There was one two spirit trans woman character She was presented as not male or female for the purposes of a curse which was basically the only narrative reason for her appearance in the novel and guess what She died.There were several characters who are identifiably of colour The following list includes most of them One of them, it turned out, wasn t really a person of colour by human ancestry, she was half white, half daimonic One was forcibly married at a very young age and died on page One was brutally murdered on page And two were, well, rapists that s Conrad and Sorgatani by the way.I hated that the resolution to Hanna s storyline is her getting together with Ivar They apparently have some magical connection because she had many much nicer dudes hitting on her to no avail, but she sees Ivar after ages and it s instant kissing Perhaps I m forgetting something from book 1 that would make this match better, but honestly, I disliked Ivar and his privileged assholery all along, and to have him be an Eagle doesn t suddenly redeem him Hanna s entire storyline was about wanting to see the world being traumatised by what she saw ending up getting together with a guy from her village Sure, they ll travel together It doesn t make it any less disappointing.And then there s Sorgatani, who can t meet a guy who will love her enough to be her pura without it being terribly gross No, instead she chooses to make Hugh her slave sex slave Because apparently two wrongs make a satisfying conclusion I m not sure if I m opposed to the notion that it s just desserts because he was a rapist and rapist s son , or disgusted by the idea of him ever having relations of any type with Sorgatani She deserved better than to be his punishment and diminished by that function I still loved the books I loved them a lot But it wasn t right I know my frustration is not with Kate Elliott s novels only It s with how little representation lesbian women, and women having sex with women, and bi women, get in fiction But all the same, these books had several plotlines with gay guys There are Swordspoint novels and now a serial People swoon about Malec on TV And lesbians get to have one character who dies And I know there are f f plots in Black Wolves Guess what, I didn t like them hide spoiler