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FREE EBOOK ⚻ Conspiracy of Letters õ Nearlyyears after the Dreyfus Affair, a new secret file has been unearthed and it upends much of what we knew about the famous case involving the French Jewish officer wrongfully accused of treason As the file against Dreyfus shows recently revealed by the French army and excerpted here for the first time in English the case against Dreyfus was shockingly complex, involving an affair between two military attach s, a series of forgeries, and an insidious campaign that subtly blended homophobia and anti Semitism to thwart justice and land an innocent man in jail Digging into the secret file, Tablet Magazine senior writer Liel Leibovitz offers a vivid new version of this seminal historical narrative, recasting the affair as a detective story set against the backdrop of beautifully decadent Belle poque Paris And helping to solve the crime here is an unexpected sleuth Marcel Proust, a dedicated chronicler of the affair who, despite having never seen the secret allegations against Dreyfus, intuited them and incorporated them into his masterpiece of a novel Conspiracy of Letters is a short and evocative story of history, literature, prejudice, and the way they often shape and inform each other This was a good introduction to the Dreyfus Affair and the impact it had on the French Republic at the turn of the 20th Century The book is a short narrative of the affair Hinted at, but not developed, are all of the political, social and cultural themes that were tied up in the affair and the implications for European society over the next 40 years This book wet my appetite to read acomplete history Please let me know if you have a recommendation of what to read next. This Kindle Single was a good, short introduction to the Dreyfus Affair for someone who previously knew next to nothing about it i.e., me Although it claims to present new archival discoveries evidence, it seemed like a relatively standard account which was fine with me about how and why the captain was framed with minimal broader interpretation reflection on French society at the time. Sort of a bulked up Wikipedia entry on DreyfusBetter to read An Officer and a Spy