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There is an old saying ‘prevention is better than cure’ it is as apt now as when it was coined sometime in the dim distant past. It can be applied to many things and in the main is used in health and illness terms. How appropriate then applying it to the act to compare health insurance. What you are in fact doing is preventing yourself from waiting months to be seen by the NHS if you should fall ill. The current NHS reform is possibly one of the most written about subjects in the news today. Open up a newspaper and you will see stories about the changes, with most people coming out against them, even the reform has been reformed! The public can see the perfect answer, get rid of the highly paid bureaucracy in charge of the NHS, save tons of cash and plough the savings back into the grass roots operations such as A & E Departments or employing and retaining more nurses. To borrow another phrase from a well-known TV celebrity meerkat ‘simples’.

NHS reform has been reformed.

Compare Health Insurance

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Even the most basic health insurance package will provide huge peace of mind if you or any member of your family falls ill.

We hear of a treatment postcode lottery with some areas getting treatments not offered in other areas. Where we live should have no bearing on the medical treatment we receive, yet it did.

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It’s no joke that the reform is scaring people; after all paying for healthcare that has previously been free is not a nice prospect. There is no wonder then that people are actually jumping the gun and looking at the private health insurance market and getting down to the serious work of comparing health insurance.

Even before these NHS reforms were announced there was a worrying trend of NHS bashing, care standards were falling, hospitals were criticised for basic cleanliness and in-patient care. Some were deserting the NHS then and with good reason, zero waiting list time, private comfortable en-suite rooms and exceptional care were a great pull to many people when faced with the prospect of being ill and at the mercy of their local health care providers.

NHS care standards falling.

NHS treatment postcode lottery.

When you consider that the basic health insurance packages start as low as £12 per month you can see why people are starting the “compare health insurance exercise that will get them great health cover, and will have them ahead of anything the NHS reforms can throw at them.