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While the premise of COMBUSTIBLE PUNCH seemed intriguing, a school shooting survivor meets a professed serial killed to write her story, the execution bores me Between sophomoric writing and unsympathetic, unlikable characters, I found myself skimming most of the story. Not just written in the first person , but by an.obnoxious, narcissistic narrator I tried to like this book, but it just wouldn’t let me.Almostannoying were the author/selfpublisher’s intrusive emails, touting his tome, begging a good review of my of the advanced copy. Rainy Sunday Fast ReadReally liked this book it held my attention and I couldn’t put it down Stayed up until 3 am on a rainy Sunday during the COVID quarantine to finish this book. I was very disappointed with this book, it starts out with the description of an alcohol infused night of raunchy sex with a stranger picked up in a hotel goes downhill The book is the memoir of an alcoholic writer turned college instructor who engages in the juvenile like behavior of the students he teaches.I got tired of the same basically poor decisions made by the main character the constant referral to an unquestionably traumatic incident from his childhood as an excuse for his inability to grow up live act like the adult he supposedly was I could not finish the book do not plan to pick up again. Rick Phillips is the sole survivor of a horrific high school shooting who is still haunted by that event Although he has written a book about the event, he hasn't done much since except endure two failed marriages and become an alcoholic Although he is teaching at DuPont University, he is mostly getting by on the remainders of his fame as a survivor.When he a wild sexual encounter with a beautiful woman, Harriet Bristol Wheeler, his life is sent into a tailspin Harriet claims to be a serial killer and wants Rick to write her story Rick demands evidence and soon finds himself being dragged around the country by this mysterious woman He starts trying to figure out her motivation: is she crazy, delusional, or just evil? Claiming to have killed twelve people because of their evil aura, she wants Rick to pick number 13 before it's too late.The book was fast paced and interesting, but I didn't really care for any of the characters, not even Rick (who you would think would be asympathetic person) At times, it was hard to follow the jumps in the story and this was especially true with an audiobook I felt a little let down by the conclusion, to be honest I would have liked to knowabout Harriet and her exploits (maybe in the form of the book Rick might possibly write?).The narrator did a good job with his pacing and voices and kept my interest throughout the book I was given the chance to listen to the audiobook version of this book by the author and chose to review it. glad i won this read, i believe it was from a Goodreads giveaway? so fun! thankful! love the cover edge of your seat kind of read i appreciate that style or genre!! such a new fan can be read through KU, if u have that service look forward tofrom Paul soon enough!! ( ; |READ KINDLE ⚐ Combustible Punch ⚔ Rick Philips isn’t a fighter – but he is a survivorHaunted by memories of a high school shooting, not even the bottle can wash away the gnawing guilt and creeping feelings of inadequacy that batter Rick’s conscience dailyHis life has been a mess of broken marriages, writer’s block, terrible choices, and the morbid pity of othersWhen he meets Harriet at a writer’s conference, the record doesn’t scratch as he falls back – only this time, he may not get upHarriet Bristol Wheeler is a dark temptress – and selfconfessed serial killerHarriet has no problem killing – and even fewer issues blending back into the background after the act with the cool, calculating eye of a practiced social chameleonManipulative, unpredictable, and exceptionally intelligent, she’s Rick’s worst nightmare – and the ideal subject for his next bookA book that they are both desperate to writeTime is running out – but the sadness will last foreverRick has no choice but to enter the cracked twilight of Harriet’s world and confront the history of her murderous choices up closeAs Rick starts to gather the evidence for his longanticipated book, he finds himself looking into answers that put him in even danger than before – but this time, he may not survive at allIn the vein of Stieg Larsson and Thomas Harris, Combustible Punch is a memorable novel that captivates readers and lingers long after the last pagethriller suspense paulmichaelpeters bestseller bestsellerauthor serialkiller psychologicalthriller psychologicalthrillers I thought that this book was fantastic The plot was refreshing and creative, with lots of suspenseful and creative twists The main character, Rick, gets sucked into the world of a psychopathic serial killer when she tricks him into cooperating with her plan to write her memoir before she dies of a brain lesion Rick was the survivor of a school shooting that leaves him an alcoholic who makes poor decisions in life His new association with the serial killer may be another of his bad decisions This book has many unique plot twists, including a female serial killer who appears to have many personas, who manipulates Rick into accepting her story of multiple killings She is dying soon and has nothing to lose Rick starts to investigate the impact that a brain lesion may have on personality and behavior But he is also concerned that she may be setting him up to be the suspect in her evil deeds Rick's haunted past with the school shooting also preys on his mind He finally has a positive experience when he starts a relationship with his neighbor, but that becomes complicated too I found the book, which is well narrated in Audible, to be intriguing, complex and very interesting It is a little slow at first as the author establishes how down and out Rick is with his luck, which is important for the reader to understand how he is sucked into the killer's life The author gave me a complimentary copy of the book and this is my voluntary review. I received this book from a goodreads giveaway Thank you I loved the premises of this book That really got my attention Little did I know, I would be up half the night, several nights in a row, reading. Just One More Chapter! Oh the chapters are short just oneWell, well, well the usual questions of who, what, where, when and why are all mixed up in the wonderful, creepy read We know we have a serial killer We know she has killed, as it turns out, quite a few people But, who, why, where are the bodies, who is nest, and will there be a next? Is she really a killer or is she full of S*t In the first few pages I was sucked in for a wild ride that I did not want to end I finished the book and turned to my sleeping husband, at 4am, and yelled MORE I am not done yet He is currently reading the book This is the first work by Paul Michael Peters that I have read I like the way he writes and I plan on hunting downof his work Give this one a read, but do it on a weekend when you do not have to work in the morning I thought this book waspsychological than thriller The plot was an interesting premise and both main characters, though flawed, were well developed Rick, a survivor of a school shooting at 17 and an author of a book about it, is a college professor and an alcoholic who needs to write another book if he wants to keep his job He seemed very immature and just going through the motions of living At a book conference he meets Harriet, a seductive and manipulative selfconfessed serial killer who want Rick to write a book about her He wants proof so they travel around while she shows him evidence of her crimes The book does have several surprising twists and an ending I was not quite expecting I received a copy of the audiobook from the author The narrator did a good job and it was a compulsive listen.