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For a good many of us life without the NHS is unthinkable, it’s been there all of our lives and provided us with treatments and advice on dealing with the common cold to carrying out life-saving surgery. The demise of the NHS isn’t imminent; however, big changes are afoot with the reforms currently being pushed through. Whilst we may criticise and bemoan the reforms, there’s no doubt that changes had to be made. There were too many horror stories about care and treatment in the NHS for it not to worry a lot of us. Even at local level I have read many stories of how people at the local hospital died as a result of negligence and poor care. People used to joke and say if you don’t have anything life threatening when you go in, you will have it when you come out. That is pretty damning and probably many urban myths have built up around single incidents. Those kinds of stories have to be balanced with others such as the same local hospital being one of the best in the country for operating on hip fracture patients.

NHS horror stories force individuals to seek out cheap health insurance.

Cheap Health Insurance

Cheap Health Insurance

Put yourself in control.

By choosing to take out health insurance you are putting yourself in control of when and how you have your treatment. At the very least you will have a comfortable room with private facilities in a private hospital, and even the smallest things such as the food on offer can make your stay in hospital far easier.

Perfect answer to NHS reforms.

With the reforms and the general on-going criticisms of the NHS is it any wonder that many people are heading down a route they never dreamed they would and are looking for cheap health insurance.

You are also providing yourself and your loved ones peace of mind that any illness will be diagnosed and treated promptly. Therefore the unthinkable private health care may become the undeniably perfect answer to the NHS reforms.

Waiting times for treatment had been on the increase before the reforms, now they have gone up further, and this is as a direct result of the uncertainty over the huge sweeping reforms, imagine working in an organisation that seems to be in turmoil at best and imploding at worst.

The proposed changes to the NHS are the most far reaching since its inception in 1948. These reforms are supposed to offer choice, but many fear that what it will create is a two- tier system which will leave the poorest hardest hit, which is why many protests took place in Sept 2011.   

Protest held against NHS reforms.

Hospital wrist band for in patient