@Download Book è Chasing Midnight (Vampire/Werewolf Trilogy, #1) ⚾ eBook or E-pub free

@Download Book ï Chasing Midnight (Vampire/Werewolf Trilogy, #1) õ There are far worse evils than jazz and lipstick By day, Allegra Chase lives among the artists and eccentrics of 1920s Greenwich Village, in search of adventure By night, she haunts the city s back alleys and seedy speakeasies, driven by a primal hunger Here, amid the glitz and unrestrained morals of jazz age society, even a vampire can fall prey to the temptations of the flesh One look into the golden eyes of the dashing Griffin Durant, and Allegra knows she s not dealing with just a man.Though their kind have been enemies for centuries, Griffin has never encountered a vampire as independent, uninhibited or eager for his touch as Allegra Yet their newfound desire is threatened by a jealous vampire master, and a race war seems inevitable Griffin and Allegra must struggle to stay out of harm s way and hold on to their dream of an eternity of passion.