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READ KINDLE ⚤ Chasing Cassandra ⚺ Everything Has A PriceRailway Magnate Tom Severin Is Wealthy And Powerful Enough To Satisfy Any Desire As Soon As It Arises Anything Or Anyone Is His For The Asking It Should Be Simple To Find The Perfect Wife And From His First Glimpse Of Lady Cassandra Ravenel, He S Determined To Have Her But The Beautiful And Quick Witted Cassandra Is Equally Determined To Marry For Love The One Thing He Can T GiveEverything Except HerSeverin Is The Most Compelling And Attractive Man Cassandra Has Ever Met, Even If His Heart Is Frozen But She Has No Interest In Living In The Fast Paced World Of A Ruthless Man Who Always Plays To WinWhen A Newfound Enemy Nearly Destroys Cassandra S Reputation, Severin Seizes The Opportunity He S Been Waiting For As Always, He Gets What He Wants Or Does He There S One Lesson Tom Severin Has Yet To Learn From His New Bride Never Underestimate A RavenelThe Chase For Cassandra S Hand May Be Over But The Chase For Her Heart Has Only Just Begun OH MY HEART This title is AMAZING I love me a good Historical chase novel, and if it s especially by my queen Lisa Kleypas I NEED IT NOW GiveMeNow I have been waiting for this book from the time I read devil in spring So in devil s daughter I searched for these two But we don t have a direct conversation between Cassandra and Severin Anyway all information I know,I gathered it together Cassandra is 21,Tom Severin is 33 early thirties Severin was described in devil s daughter as Severin s face was lean and angular, his build lanky and almost rawboned, his complexion librarian pale His eyes were an unevenly distributed mixture of blue and green, so that in strong lighting they appeared to be two entirely different color.I cannot help but imagine him as Tom hiddleston.Little naughty but intense as same time.Severin is the high functioning sociopath as Lisa said earlier in her interviews..he is bloody weathly but he was never allowed inside the upper class circles, which he desperately wants if either not with birth he will acquire it with marriage He is detached from emotions and feel no value to relationshipsif any of his bussiness is hindered by friendship then he would sacrifice that friendship.And there is a segment where West talks how unworthy he is to marry Phoebe, Severin says I have feelings too, but I never let them turn into obstacles If I were in your situation, for example, I would marry the woman I wanted and not worry about what was best for her.Other side, our Cassandra is a romantic soul who longs for loving husband, babies and her own small but happy home.From lisa s interviews 1 What s next for you Lisa I m busy working on what will probably be the final Ravenel novel, featuring Lady Cassandra and Tom Severin I ve been looking forward to writing this for a long time Severin is an antihero Brilliant, charming, massively successful, immoral and so disconnected from his feelings that he s very nearly sociopathic He has only one weakness he is completely fixated on Cassandra He would do anything to have her, even knowing it s impossible As we ve seen in past novels, all Cassandra has ever wanted is a loving husband and children and a cozy home of her own She is domestic, affectionate, sweet and private in nature, and she knows she would never be anything but a trophy to Severin Fate is really going to have to put these two through the wringer if they re ever going to find a happy ending 2 Lisa One last Ravenel novel I m pairing Cassandra with Tom Severin, the railway magnate It s a marriage of convenience plot my favorite in which a heroine, who has always longed for a cozy, happy home with a loving husband and children, ends up marrying an obscenely wealthy man who regards her as a trophy Severin is fascinated by Cassandra and is drawn to her beauty, grace and kindness, but he has no intention of falling in love with her He s a tricky, treacherous, hyper intelligent antihero who discovers his wife has a core of inner strength he never expected.Waiting for their story only complaint it s in 2020. I received an ARC from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.3.75 starsNote there is a trigger warning at the very end of this review It s tagged a spoiler so you can click on the spoiler tag to read about it.I ve been waiting for Tom and Cassandra s book since Marrying Winterborne Poor Cassandra is the overlooked Ravenel family member, having last appeared in Marrying Winterborne But in upper society, she s actually the opposite of overlooked She s in fact a belle of the ball A curvy one, based on the words used to describe her figure, and the only reason I bring this up is to publicly shame the Avon design team for misrepresenting Cassandra on the cover I mean, if they were able to find a blonde curvy model for Sarah MacLean s book, I don t see why they couldn t do it for this book Cover aside, I enjoyed the final Ravenel book for the most part Cassandra is a nice breath of fresh air among all the modern historical romance heroines who are born businesswomen I enjoyed her character, although there was one scene where I think she came across as a bit too presumptuous But she s a lovable heroine for the most part she s not an airhead as many presume her to be and she is ambitious in her own way As lovely as Cassandra is, Tom Severin is undoubtedly the highlight of this book There are actually a few hints that imply that Severin could be on the autism spectrum Tom and Cassandra are utterly adorable as a couple Their romance is on the sweet and romantic side There s definitely steam, but it s not as sexy as the previous books in the series I am so in love with these two as a couple I love how Tom sees than just her beauty and how Cassandra likes him just the way he is They really see each other I had a smile on my face every time they spent time together Tom and Cassandra are probably my second favourite couple in The Ravenel series and their epilogue was icing on the cake.I really wish I could give this book a higher rating because I adore Tom and Cassandra so much But for a book titled Chasing Cassandra, there s not a lot of chasing happening I know a few readers are expecting this to be like Harry and Poppy s book, but it s not similar at all Tom actually gives up on chasing Cassandra after the first couple of chapters I didn t fault him for it because he had his reasons But what I love about Tom is that ultimately, he doesn t give up on Cassandra and he fights for her That being said, the pacing of this book sagged in the middle because Tom and Cassandra don t interact for a good chunk of the story There were also a lot of time jumps, which affected the pacing even Halfway through the book, Cassandra and Tom lead their own separate lives, which annoyed me because I just wanted them to spend time together Cassandra s part of the story was a bit boring, but Tom s part of the story was interesting The pacing threw me off some because Tom and Cassandra s marriage of convenience doesn t even happen until the very end of the book What I m trying to say is that the blurb is kind of misleading and it s not the first time this has happened in this series Finally, the last thing that was disappointing is the lack of development concerning Tom s family There definitely would have been enough space to develop this significant aspect of Tom s character if the book was much better paced This would have also added a lot substance to the story because family is a key theme in this book.While I enjoyed Chasing Cassandra and Tom and Cassandra as protagonists, this book doesn t really conclude the series overall The previous heroes and heroines do appear in the book, but most of them were really annoying to be honest I won t go into too much detail, but let s just say that I didn t like the way Devon and West treated Tom However, just like Tom fights for Cassandra, Cassandra defends him in the face of her family s disapproval And that s why I love these two so much They re not bland characters who just give up They fight for each other They don t need other characters to bring them together so they can have their HEA They decide for themselves It takes them some time to make that final leap, but when they finally do it, it s beautiful.And yes, this is partly me throwing shade at a particular book in this series where the hero and heroine don t even bother to work for their HEA Final thoughts on The Ravenel series overall I love reading series that revolve around a family, with each sibling getting their own HEA The Hathaway series by Lisa Kleypas is my favourite family series of all time, closely followed by The Bridgerton series by Julia Quinn Unfortunately, The Ravenel series doesn t even come close to being a favourite I did enjoy most of the books in this series, but family doesn t feel like a central theme here After finishing Chasing Cassandra, I took some time to think about the family dynamic in this series and I came to the conclusion that there is a lack of harmony in the Ravenel family For example, Ethan hasn t even properly adapted to the family and Cassandra was completely forgotten until it was time for her own HEA Those are just a few examples I think the few characters that remain constant throughout the series are Devon, Kathleen, Winterborne, and Garrett.I almost didn t read one of the books in this series, but I thought it would be disloyal of me to skip a new Kleypas book Even if that book ended up being my least favourite, I m glad I pushed through and read it In case you re interested, here are my reviews for the previous books in the series Book 1 Cold Hearted RakeBook 2 Marrying WinterborneBook 3 Devil in SpringBook 4 Hello StrangerBook 5 Devil s Daughter Trigger warning view spoiler sexual assault, graphically described Heroine gets sexually assaulted by a suitor, not the hero view spoiler hide spoiler From the deleted scene at the end of Devil s Daughter Walmart paperback version, pg 381 After she d crossed the threshold, Severin said urgently, Lady Cassandra Slowly she reappeared, peaking at him from from behind the doorjamb You re not too plump, Severin said The of you there is in the world, the better Amusement flickered in the one blue eye that was visible before Cassandra vanished West turned to Severin with a scowl Before he could say a word, the other man asked urgently, Can I have her No I have to have her Let me have her No Abruptly, Severin turned businesslike You want her for yourself Perfectly understandable Let s negotiateSee comment section below for additional scene snippet