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I LOVE THIS SERIES I need to know if Gia Blue is going to write a third book for the Tempting Mr Parker series and if she is when will it be released I m dying I need to know what happens with Jessica and Joseph ASAP Please I ve read the 1st book long time ago.And I still remember how hot Mr Parker is until now.And damn He s still that HOT in this book Really can t wait what happen next with their forbidden love story.Will everything goes as their plan Can t wait for the next book, if there will be next book..Damn I needMr Parker like hellAnother hot panty wet trashy read that worth your break time @READ DOWNLOAD ì Cat & Mouse Games ð Nineteen year old college sopho, Jessica Rove, is one naughty girl A weekend at the family cabin is just what Jess needs to alleviate the stresses of being in college She longs for a few days of relaxation, but instead, her parents have plenty of activities, like hiking and hunting, planned for her What a bummer Then, the timely arrival of her father s best friend and Jess secret lover , Mr Joseph Parker, has Jess thinking she s up for a bit of hunting, too That and teasing the shit out of him until she has her lover eating out of her you know what The question is, between Jess flirting and flashing, just how much temptation is a virile man supposed to take before he snaps PagesWords Gia Blue, oh, Gia Blue, where did you disappear off to OMG THIS BOOOOOOK I can t remember the last time I laught so hard when I was reading a book I still can t believe this short story managed to completely blow me away I really liked the first one from the series haaa it s too shoorttt Miss Gia Blue don t tease me, please I need epilogue for this couple I was so happy to see that there was a part 2 to this story, Loved Joe Parker and Jess Can t wait to see what else Gia Blue have in store when they bring their secret out in the open and tell her parents Where do I find a Joe Parker for myself I wish it was longer Or maybe even a book 3 Would have liked to know how the parents took the relationship and if they ended up together All in all it was a fast read and entertaining I laughed I would rate this a 3.5 Gia Blue writes short, hot, very well written erotica I ve read everything she s published and have liked them all very much I haven t seen anything new from her in a while Maybe she s publishing under a different name or has other nom de plumes If anyone knows, let me know. wow Joe Parker is still sexy as hell and I love him evenbut come book 3 he is gonna be PISSED Jess is kinda pissing me off I know your 19 but shit your in a relationship with a man almost 50 grow the fuck up.oh Hell the things I would do to and let Joseph Parker do to me teeheeheecant wait tor number 3