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A splendid summary of Calvin s manifold works as they apply to the life of a Christian Wallace demonstrates well that the sanctification of the believer arises from the doctrine of the person and work of Christ and the destiny of the Church, and that our true humanity is found in fulfilling our high calling to the royal priesthood in Christ and His death and resurrection An essential work for the pastor s library and one that will be referred to again and again. Slow going but a good Sunday read, full of deep thoughts about theology and it s application to daily life. Wonderful. Excellent overview of Calvin s theology Quotes generously from Calvin s Institutes, but also his sermons and commentaries Worth prolonged study and repeated readings. (DOWNLOAD BOOK) ô Calvin's Doctrine of the Christian Life ì In his study of a wide range of Calvin s works, Dr Wallace has found that all Calvin s decisions on widely differing aspects of the Christian life can be understood and seen in their unity as they arise from his doctrine of the person and work of Christ as involving, once for all, the sanctification and destiny of the Church In this context the book shows that humanity lives the Christian life as they seek to fulfill their calling to royal priesthood in Christ in union with his death and resurrection