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I think I ve mentioned before that I found a set of Niel Hancock books at my local thrift store a lucky find in my mind.Hancock s books give me hope that perhaps I can be a writer too They re fun reads certainly not at the depth of detail as Tolkein s work, to which he ll always be compared I m still bothered with the anachronism of guns and mortars in a fantasy novel, but maybe that s just a phobic twitch on my part. (((READ DOWNLOAD))) ☞ Calix Stay ☠ Welcome to Atlanton Earth In the tumultuous third saga of their epic adventures, Broco the Dwarf and his companions, Otto and Bear, must avoid capture by the dark forces For in their care they possess the sacred Arkenchest, and it must be saved at any costTheir only hope of reaching safety is a desperate race to the Calix Stay But can they cross its rushing waters in time This book was better than the re read of book two Though I am still not sure if I want to read the last book in the series This book does end at a point where you do wonder what happens and would want find out if the friends reunite and finish their quest I m just not sure if I am ready to start that book at this time. Book three all three books so far a nice read Interesting story line with Buddhist undertones. Dwarf, Otter and Bear continue their adventures. I enjoyed this book as much as I enjoyed the two before it No memory, no comment As reviews go, it isn t very satisfying maybe I can talk one of the Offspring into reading the series.