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a real chick lit mystery that got me I usually can guess the villian or come within a few from them, but this one got smooth by me I was truely bamboozled Also the arc of Dawn shows that dreams might come true.The book is fast paced you will never figure out the murderer Just the thing for forgetting your troubles, distracting yourself with greed, hate, and Rodeo Drive. (FREE PDF) ó Buh-Bye! Harry! (Mystery #1) ⚤ When millionaire HARRY TRUMBOLL turns up dead in the glitzy city of LA all are sure it was from natural causes But things begin to get hazy when his wife FRANNIE winds up with a dead body in her arms, revealing HARRY was murdered too Bribing HARRY S secretary into helping her ferret out the murderer the two sleuths find themselves planets apart FRANNIE flamboyant and flighty uses wild imagination and useless intuitive flashes to do her snooping DAWN mousy and meticulous swears that sound, intelligent reasoning is the only way to catch a murderer but for all her talk DAWN gets emotionally distracted along the way by a hunky cop named ZAK Nothing is what it seems as the two partners uncover clues on their zany adventure, discovering each mourner at HARRY S funeral had a reason to wish him dead A trusting friendship blossoms between FRANNE and DAWN as they find themselves out on the skinny branches of life, forcing them to come face to face with a cold blooded killer