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There may be people who think Brenda Monk is funny although, based on the snippets from her stand up routine I am definitely not one of those people but this book was neither funny nor interesting It was, in fact, a sort of bizarre plough on regardless charting of Brenda s attempt to become a stand up comic But there was no wit, no warmth It was almost like a report The characters were mostly flat and one dimensional I didn t care about any of them, least of all Brenda Just dreadful. I was initially disappointed because I thought it would be funny It s ABOUT comedy and once you realise that it s ok. Great read It s a girl discovers her strength her talent herself story, but in a fresh environment that s contemporary and suitable for the whole point of it I also bought it at the Edinburgh International Book Festival, so it s all full circle because that s where the action really starts for Brenda. Very readable and at times amusing An interesting insight into the rather nasty world of stand up comedy Well written Not entirely sadisfying, but I would read another novel if Katy Brand writes one. Very compelling I read it quickly wanting to know how things would pan out for Brenda You really find yourself wanting her to succeed A bit of wish fulfilment and romance but no standard romcom here Also some fun background for those interested in the UK stand up comedy scene. A disappointing book It was interesting to read for a flavour of what it s really like, starting out as a stand up comedian, but as a novel there was no conflict or jeopardy, just a straight account of what happened Sufficiently interesting for me to finish it, but I never picked it up with that tantalising frisson of what s going to happen next No twists or turns, just a straight path. It was ok, just didn t relate or believe in any of the characters really and the name Brenda put me off from the start *Free Kindle ↵ Brenda Monk is Funny ↡ Brenda Monk is a true stand up, by her very nature it is under her skin itching and bubbling She is addicted to the feeling of being on stage, looking out at expectant, up turned mouths, waiting for the first laugh to hit A first laugh that will not happen unless she creates it But Brenda is clueless The on off girlfriend of a prolific comedian, it is only after she realises his best stage material consists of recycled versions of her own restless, smart arsed energy that she begins to wonder whether she might be better off keeping her jokes for herself and so she finds herself making her very first walk to the mark on stage in front of a bare brick wall, with just a spotlight and a PA system for cover, wondering what we all wonder from time to time am I funny A book as much about the thrill of performance as it is about what goes on when the microphone is switched off, Brenda Monk is Funny is a blackly humourous and devastatingly candid snapshot of the reality, the brutality and fragility of the comedy industry from an exciting new voice in fiction. But this book wasn t. or is she As a novel about relationships, about a woman finding herself, this was quite successful At times I found it hard to connect with Brenda, she s a bit wet, and I thought that, in certain situations I would have reacted strongly, but that s just her character at the start of the novel I suppose doormat all over She does get better later on.The problem I had with it is that, for a novel about comedy, written by a comic, it s not funny Loud yellow book cover stand up comedy humrous novel That s what I was expecting, but the stand up portions aren t really things I d laugh at in a club, let alone on the page It doesn t translate well Having said that, it s got a satisfying ending, but if you re looking for laughs I d suggest The Pile of Stuff at the Bottom of the Stairs This reads less like comedy and like a slightly less humerous Dawn French novel.