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&DOWNLOAD BOOK ↳ Brazil: Neoliberalism versus Democracy ↰ With the sixth largest economy in the world, Brazil has played a key international role for decades It was one of the first pink wave administrations in Latin America In , it was responsible for shutting down the US sponsored proposal for a Free Trade Area of the Americas Notably, it is also one of the few large countries where social spending has risen and the distribution of income has improved over the last thirty years As we saw during theWorld Cup protests, however, the country still remains highly unequal, with vast unmet social welfare needs and a precarious infrastructure In Brazil Neoliberalism Versus Democracy, Alfredo Saad Filho and Lecio Morais review the complex paradox that is modern Brazil Focusing onto the present, they analyze the tensions between the two dominant systemic political transitions from military rule to first democracy, then neoliberalism A groundbreaking interpretation of this intricate relationship, Brazil examines how the contradictory dynamics of these transitions eventually became symbiotic as they unfolded and intertwined